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Poetry - Ode to Love, to My Love

Updated on April 10, 2012
Our Wedding Day
Our Wedding Day

My Love, My Lover

He came upon a time, long ago

Young and suave, dark and dashing

He sidled beside me, his heart filled with longing

....the twinkle in his eyes and his smile were smashing!

He strove to enveigle himself in my good books

He longed to touch my hair and gave me those loving looks

Before long I knew it

His love he did show it....

My bonus baby
My bonus baby

Love Found - Love Lost

We loved, we laughed, we cried

We had a daughter, a child,

We thought that love and youth would last forever

The pain came when we separated soon after

There was one more that came

She was given another's name

But in her looks she was the same

As the one I loved.

Granddad with our eldest daughter
Granddad with our eldest daughter

Long Lost Love

Many years pass, time passes

Other loves come ... and go...

But none lives in my heart like the one

Who got under my skin, I could but let him in

Years pass, his father's end is near, and I go there

I feel at home with his Mom and Pop

I talk with him by phone, that connects over time

We are next to each other again

The others fade away, we draw near, tentative at first

The previous pain a little raw, but love is a thirst

The touch, the reunion

A final connection to last a lifetime

The pain of the missed years dim

As we slip into time and come in

Back into his company again

Just to talk and touch and be with him

Love gives us the fuel to fight for our marriage
Love gives us the fuel to fight for our marriage

Married Love at Last

Finally our children have a name

His and mine now the same

The struggle not quite yet gone

Seven months again alone

Peace comes, hurts are healing

Our hearts breaking and anguish feeling

Peace is what he yearns for

Again to join, together forever more

Always forever together.

Say hello.....

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    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 

      6 years ago from TEXAS

      I hope it will turn out well for you.

    • Johanna Baker profile imageAUTHOR

      Johanna Mary Elisabeth Baker 

      6 years ago from Christchurch, New Zealand

      I will, thanks Carol.

    • carol3san profile image

      Carolyn Sands 

      6 years ago from Hollywood Florida

      Hi there. Nice reminds me of a poem I wrote sometime ago about love. I posted it here on hub pages. Go take a look if you should get the chance. I hope your day is a good one. voted up.


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