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Polygamy, can a man handle more then one woman at a time?

Updated on January 23, 2012

polygamy and relationships

After writing my article on if people can be in a monogamous relationship, someone brought up polygamy, which I wasn’t referring to but now that that topic was touched, lets discuss it. Polygamy, can it work? We are all aware that in the US we are not allowed to marry more then one person at a time. So, what people do is that they marry one and live with a bunch of other people. I know what people think, orgy. But it is much more then that. If you were to research polygamy, you would learn that a man can take many wives but they are all equal. Which means, if one has new clothes, they all have new clothes. If once gets a car, they all get cars. You cannot pick one over the other. I think it is too much work for a man. It isn’t. Can you imagine, if a man has problems with his wife, who says more wives will be any easier.

Can you imagine, a man married to 4 women? How the heck can he stay sane? Men say that they don’t understand women. That women ask for emotional support and that they can’t give them all their attention all the time, Imagine having to divide your attention between 4 women. And let’s not even talk about kids. Add them to the mix and the man will go insane.

What are your thoughts on polygamy? To me, it seems much easier just to have an affair and be done with it. Not that I am condoning a marital affair but it is simpler then having more then one wife.

Only thing with polygamy is that it is only for men, at least in the Mormons believe it should be just men and in the Old Testament, men had multiple wives and harems are made up of many wives. Yet, nowhere does it say women can have multiple men. Archeologist have found that women in BC era had multiple husbands but it was band long ago. Not much info on them. All I am saying is that being in a relationship with one person is hard enough, how will it be with multiple partners?


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    • Yaduvanshi profile image

      Yaduvanshi 5 years ago from Bharat Vrse

      It seems to be a real controversy