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Porsha Stewart Divorce /Barbie Doll Gone Wrong

Updated on November 13, 2013

The Painful Reality of Not Passing A Valuable Lesson to Your Little Princess

Porsha Stewart another preventable and tragic situation. The tragedy is the result of making little girls believe all they have to do is look good, keep a bodacious body, and someone will keep their purchase long term.

Use your brain!

Build a career or a career that can financially sustain you

Understand the type of men you are marrying and when things change (i.e. stop buying purses and shoes and read the writing on the wall)

You have failed as a mother when you teach your little girls to be puppets for someone else. If attraction was the only reason for marriage to a women, attraction will also be what replaces his interest in the woman a man has chosen. Life is not a fairy tale. The most powerful women in the world have a brain, career, a husband, and a family. You don't have to sacrifice your intelligence and ambition in order to be married. Heck; our society just experience a mild depression and I'm sure CEO's and business men understood the importance of marrying a woman who can contribute to the household and/or do more than just shop and spend money. It's 2013 and there are women who think life is all about shopping, spending, looking good, and doing nothing.

As Talib Kweli rhymed in the song Hamster Wheel:

She gave up all her power, put her out on the street nowhere to live nowhere to shower, how she gonna make it through the night, how's she so acceptant of this station in her life?

"She always carrying her baby with her, her spittin' image just like looking at her baby pictures/Her fate is sealed cause she dependent on a man for real/ How she running these streets but always standing still, she need to get up off the hamster wheel,"

Does anyone consider the poor example these women set for their children? What happens if some man does not marry these girls? Are they doomed not to live their gift? Are they taught not to reach their potential? Are we still living in the 1800's where a woman's only hope is to marry well, i.e. fetch a good owner? Real men don't champion women without intelligence and drive; looks are not the only reason for marriage.

Hillary Clinton

Michelle Obama

Jill Biden

Nancy Pelosi

and the list goes on and on

Let this be a lesson to mother's everywhere. You never want to raise a young girl to be picked-up (Married) only to be put down and end up on their mother's couch because she did NOTHING to utilize her mind and brains. The real tragedy occurs when the children of these women are not taught anything differently. Can these children immolate their mothers achievements? What are these girls taught if they are not able to get a man/husband?

Wendy Williams (talk-show host) described her Porsha Stewart's actions as “less than smart.” She remarked:

It seems like you’ve been coddled and spoiled by your mother and by Kordell [Stewart] and that never helps us as women when we get out into the world,” said Wendy. “From my perspective, as a fan, you are a gorgeous woman who has the world at your feet. You have no children, which is a plus in this particular situation…I think that you should live on your own.”

Ladies you must be a complete person. If you need help with this please read Allison Samuel's book: What Would Michelle Obama Do?

You must be able to generate your own money.

You must set an example for the next generation. No man should be able to “pick you up” and take you to mansions then “put you down” and you end up on your mother's couch. Get it together young ladies.

As a mother, your natural instinct is to provide, protect, and nurture your children. Placing yourself in a position solely dependent on someone else to provide for your children is placing them at a disadvantage.

Porsha's mother said it best, Cordell Stewart wanted Porsha to be his prized object/accessory. A mindless pretty-girl dressed like a barbie doll, present only to cater to his needs and make him look good. Again, you don't have to call names or put your hands on a woman to portrait to the world that you don't respect women. Treating your wife or mate like an object designed to look pretty, cook, and cater to you solely pretty much summarizes lack of respect for the value of a woman.


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