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Power of a Man

Updated on October 20, 2010
Power Up!
Power Up!

I Got The Power

The power of a man can drive you crazy and send your body into overdrive craving his every touch. A man can make you feel so good inside and he can also make you question everything that is you.He loves you and you know this, yet you seem to think that you are more in love with him than he is with you. That is the power of a man. He can bring you to your knees with just a whisper and a brush upon your skin. He can send you running through the woods following the sound of his voice. A kiss upon your lips can leave you breathless and with the sound of 'I Love You' attached to them can breath fresh air into your lungs.


The power of a man can make you feel that you must fight to keep him, while that same power can keep you confident that no other can take your prize away from you. That same man who sends your body into fits can turn your world upside down with a kiss upon another woman's lips. He can have you using your fists in order to get another female to understand that he is yours and she dare not step into your ring of love.


But one thing we must realize, is that he is just a man and the power which he possess is the power a woman has bestowed upon him. Turn that power off with one flip of a switch and watch how quickly that Man can turn into your Bitch.



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