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Practical Tips When Giving a Wedding Speech

Updated on May 4, 2011

Nervous about giving a wedding speech?

Should the occasion arise, and you are called upon to give a wedding speech, don't panic. To help you are some tips that will give you the edge when delivering that wedding speech.

It's important that you know your material, especially as it relates to the happy couple. Relating a memorable story of your shared experiences is one of the easiest yet most powerful things you can share. Take a moment to collect yourself and review the story in your mind before you speak; telling about a familiar event will help you relax and remember what you’re saying, even if you’re uncomfortable speaking publicly, and the fact that you’re comfortable with the material will give it a genuine ring of truth. If you only know one member of the couple; attempt to spend time with them as a couple before the event.

Keep rehearsing your speech. There is no better substitute than practicing your speech. Practice your speech in a large room or open space rather than in a closed area with just a mirror. You will tend to speak more quietly. Note your filler words. Remember to relax, take adequate pauses to breathe. This will give your audience a chance to catch up to you. It you want the speech to be as easy as possible; you must be familiar with it.

Know The Audience. Since you are speaking at a party, you’ll have ample time to mingle before the big moment of your speech arrives. It is important that you take the time to familiarize yourself with the people present. Don't overlook the guests you may not know. Make it a point to learn a few faces and names. It's not necessary to memorize all of them. However, once you've gotten a feel for the crowd; you will feel more secure when you give your speech than you would if they were all strangers.

Don't forget - It's a Celebration! Take some time to enjoy yourself while you are speaking. Crack a joke if you like. There is no need to give a blustery sermon or some profound eulogy. They are here to celebrate and so are you. Remind yourself that everyone wants you to succeed; they are rooting for you. It's a well known fact that weddings are the most friendly audiences toward speeches. With everyone having a good time; you will be in the company of friends and family who will give you a sympathetic ear.

Relax and Smile. Try imagining a perfect speech before you start. See yourself giving your speech, smiling, speaking confidently and clearly. See yourself remembering everything you wanted to say. Imagine seeing everyone clapping. Imagining yourself succeed is a great tool to help you relax and focus; it gives your brain a clear goal to work for. It is important that you give yourself a moment before you begin to speak and collect your thought. It will help to calm your nerves. At the right time on cue, stand up, smile and greet your audience. You can pause, count to three and then proceed. Give the lagging members of the audience a chance to turn their attention toward you. Use that moment to again relax and calm your nerves.

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