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Preachers Marriages Fails

Updated on August 7, 2010


Unfortunately, we have been given the news of another popular evangelist, Benny Hinn, whose wife has filed for divorced.  I watched his TV broadcast today and it grieves my heart how Satan has attacked so many well known ministries in divorce.  At times, it is very difficult for Pastors and Ministers to do full time ministry and try to have a marriage as well.  For any Pastor or Minister, who has a family, please put your family first.  So many times we are guilty of putting the ministry before our marriage or family, our first ministry is to our family.  And if they are unhappy it will dictate the climate around us as well.  In addition, if you are a minister, whose spouse normally stays at home, begin to take your spouse on visits with you to the hospital, etc.  this is important so they can fill apart of the ministry.  In addition, this helps the enemy not to set up schemes to seduce the pastor when he or she is by themselves with a parishioner.  We pray that all ministers will look at all of the recent divorces not in judgement or to Gossip, but to learn what to do to become better Husbands, Wives, Mothers, and Fathers to our families.  Don't allow your own home to perish in pursuit of ministry.  Let's pray today for all we know whose marriage is going through divorce.  God has the final say!


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