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Pregnant women WHY MEN CHEAT!

Updated on October 14, 2011

Monogamy versus cheating

Monogamy within relationships would be ideal but unfortunately it could be possible for your partner to cheat on you & this is because cheating is classed as a natural human behaviour especially for those who have no remorse or consideration for his or her partner’s feelings & emotions if ever found out! 

Maybe you have forgotten to show your partner how special they are since you have been together for a long time!

Reminding them they are the only one in the world for you!

Just like you did when you first started out on your relationship of courting but nowadays it is quite easy for you to neglect to show them how you feel about them, & how they make you feel inside!

Until another comes along, that is, & pays them or you, such fatal attention of attraction, as your very partner once did!

This article explains the two points of view from both the perspective of the male & the female concerning why a new dad should feel the need to cheat on the new mum soon after the birth of their new born child.

Having a baby is one of the most special experiences a couple shares within their relationship together, this as well as marriage!

Having a baby together can be the sprouts of a new horizon as you both team up & begin your steps of trial & error to a successful parenthood to provide the best for your offspring.

The birth of the new born child can also have hidden implications that many couples seem not to regard or realise, that is, until the child is born, & complications then begin, so consideration towards a few facts before the birth of your baby should always be brought to mind.

For the woman the emotions experienced both during the gestation period, giving birth & the ongoing care of the infant are wide, varied & certainly diverse without even mentioning the physical pain & demands that both the duration, plus the birth of the baby entails.

Also, most of her attention is automatically drawn to & focused onto the new born child besides attention forced upon her from the demands of the baby & these demands from baby towards mum are required constantly & duties must be performed!

It is quite common for dad to become most excited because of his new fatherhood & his upcoming role in life & especially the build up from gestation to the actual birth of his new child which can certainly present the emotion of pride within a man! & mainly, he feels the necessity to become involved within the upbringing of baby & to share the tasks to create that special bond thus also relieving mum finally to catch up on her much needed rest!

Mum becomes involved within her new role in the care & upbringing of baby as this is the only option open to her because now, things within their life & relationship together with her partner has changed dramatically & there is now not just someone else new in the family, but another that needs constant care & attention!

After a period of time dad can feel neglected because, even still, sex can be the last thing on his partners mind because of her chores & she is just constantly drained both emotionally & physically.

Without too much understanding of the reasons why some men cheat not long after becoming a new dad is the fact that consideration towards the ideas mentioned above are not sufficiently thought out & adhered by him at all. All he may see is that the new child is always demanding ongoing attention thus taking away his once shared, by his partner’s, time & affection & certainly attention, towards him, so now his attitude towards his partner & his outlook towards their role together has changed.

Even so, this kind of problem can be a two way affair! The new mum is so tied up in her new role & all the implications of bringing up their new family member, consideration towards her man & what he classes as his needs is the last thing on her mind!

The reason for this piece of information is only to bring awareness to the outlined facts as cheating would most probably be the last thing on the mind of your partner!

Consideration from both parties to understand the involvement that consists of bringing up a new family member & couples should always try to find a little time for togetherness & should be encouraged & become open to communication whereas discussions should be brought up with anything that bothers each individual.

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Let me know what you think? 


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    • Inspired to write profile imageAUTHOR

      Dale J Ovenstone 

      6 years ago from Wales UK

      I think it's a lack of attention.

      Thanks for your comment

      Regards Dale

    • profile image

      vistorina Amakutuwa 

      6 years ago

      i m fully agree,that men are more likely to cheat, when their women are pregnant.

    • Inspired to write profile imageAUTHOR

      Dale J Ovenstone 

      8 years ago from Wales UK

      Thak you for your comment Angela, you are absolutely right about falling & keep falling especially once you have found the one.

      But, this is what life is all about, we don't know until we try & sometimes we have to find out the hard way but life is for learning to better ourselves anyway.

      Regards Dale!

    • angela kekahu profile image

      angela kekahu 

      8 years ago

      Well lucky for me I have eight kids so I am not having any more. I do agree with a lot of this and I hope we all can remember that the "falling in love" part was the best, we should keep falling over and over for the rest of our lives.


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