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Presenting Her Engagement Ring

Updated on June 21, 2015

Once you have proposed to her, you might have a ceremony to celebrate your engagement with friends and family. All the big details are normally followed up from food to decoration to cake. But what many forget is the how the ring is going to enter this special ceremony. Remember, the ring is the most important ingredient in your engagement, so you need to make sure it comes in style. If you are a Pokemon lover, don't worry, there is something for you as well ;)

Ring Pillows

Ring Pillows are easily available from wedding stores or even online. There are many different types to match your taste whether you want something homely like the crochet heart pillow below or a pillow made with elegant silk and a golden ribbon. Whatever suits your buds, just take a quick look around websites and stores, I am sure you will find something at a pocket friendly price.

Ring Trays

These can be found at your house if you have small delicates to decorate your house or just like the pillows they are easy to find online and at local stores. A little bit more pricey than the ring pillows but they are elegant.

Customized Ring Dishes

When you go around you will find ring dishes people selling ring customised ring dishes whereby you can get your initials and date engraved. If you like a little personal detail then get a cute customized ring dish. These are also price friendly and make the bride feel more special.

Photo Courtesy:
Photo Courtesy:

Rings and Roses

Roses bring out the beauty of a ring. It looks elegant and classy.

But presenting a ring in a rose requires quite some handy and neat work. Glue the ring with some body glue onto the petals where it can be seen.

Rosey Ring boxes

If you still love roses and find using real roses might be tough then there is an alternative. At ali express or even wedding stores, you will find fake roses which are actually ring boxes. They look really pretty and it is not suspected to be a ring box.

Photo Courtesy:
Photo Courtesy:

Ring Basket

If you already have a basket then throw in some rose petals and a ring box. Simple, needs very little work and is presentable.

Or pop into a wedding gift shop and you will find a basket where you just have to place the ring and voila! your work is done.

Feeling like Alladin?

Want your Jasmine to say yes in style. Here is a beautiful goblet to present your ring in.

It looks priceless for your Princess.

Which Presentation would you prefer?

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Dog Owner?

I am a dog owner myself. Though he can't be let out in a crowd. But if you have a friendly dog then hey, why not have your best friend bring the ring to you. Tie him a basket, or a pouch.

I am sure he will be very happy to do the honors of delivering your special ring to you.

Pokemon Fan

These Pokemon ball ring boxes are so awesome for proposing and also for your ceremony. It's so you. And i know you are gonna ask 'Where can I get Pokemon ball ring boxes?'

Fear not my Pokemon friends, here is your link:


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