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President Obama says "Yea" to Gay Marriage

Updated on July 26, 2012

Was It A Political Move?

President Barack Obama recently announced his support of gay marriage rights, shocking millions of Americans. Gay marriage rights have been a prevailing topic of discussion throughout the 2012 presidential campaign race, and President Obama is the first President to announce support of gay marriage while in office. Thirty nine states in America still have a ban on same-sex marriages, but several states have recently lifted bans and amended their state constitutions to allow same-sex marriage. This growing trend, of the acceptance of gay marriage, includes states such as Washington D.C., Wyoming, New Hampshire, Idaho, New York and Vermont. Some Americans feel that gay marriage is an issue that should be left up to the Federal government to decide, rather than an issue for State and local governments to decide, because in the past, presidents have not favored gay marriage.

Many Americans who previously supported President Obama have turned their backs on his campaign efforts because of his recent announcement supporting gay marriage. People who are in opposition of equal rights for gays mainly use the bible and religion as their defense, but one of the prevailing themes throughout the bible is that all people sin. Humans have no right to judge the sins of another because that is God’s job. President Obama is being accused of using this sensitive topic as a “political move,” simply to gain votes, but when he explained how he arrived at his decision, “through lots of careful soul searching,” and by using his children as a frame of reference in his decision making, it made his decision seem like more than just a “political move” to me. President Obama’s judgment shows that he is genuinely concerned about progressing our nation pass its history of placing restrictions on diverse people.

In his explanation, President Obama shared some of the life lessons, and values he and Michelle are striving to instill in their daughter’s, Sasha and Malia. One of those important lessons was to treat all people the same, and treat others how you would want to be treated. The other lesson he mentioned was our differences, and how our individual differences make us each unique, and no one should be denied rights because he or she is different. America is about uniting people, and to deny gays the right to unite is contradictory. With these important lessons in mind, it is difficult to deny two consenting adults, regardless of their gender and/or race, who love each other, the right to express that love to each other and with their family and friends through a marriage recognized in civil courts. Denying these rights to gays because they are different, or practice a different lifestyle is unconstitutional.

Obama’s change of mind from 2008 to 2012, to grant marriage licenses to same- sex couples, is proof of his personal progression, and his efforts to change, and create a more united America. It also proves that this was not an overnight, easy decision for him to make. If President Obama’s announcement supporting gay marriages was a political move, then I feel it was a good one. I say this because gays are people who have the right to vote regardless of their sexual preference. In order to remain in the position to make much needed changes within our current government, it would be wise of President Obama to think about all Americans, and not just the heterosexuals.


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    • Patty Kenyon profile image

      Patty Kenyon 5 years ago from Ledyard, Connecticut

      You tackled a very tough subject for many!! I Congratulate you for that!!! Well Done!!! I don't think we are here to judge others; "All men are created equal" and therefore, entitled to love who they love regardless of orientation...Love is one of the most powerful emotions that we have and should be free to love, without judgement of others.