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Pretending when dating

Updated on July 3, 2015


When it comes to relationships and friendships honesty, being genuine is an attractive trait.

The definition of imitation: a thing intended to simulate or copy something else.

Some people practice imitation to assimilate or gain a false sense of comradery with others. Some people live a life of imitation, pretending to acquire certain items of value that they can’t afford. In an attempted to understand behavior the practice of imitation witnessed in action can be disturbing.

What are the effects of pretending or copying others when interacting with new acquaintances? At some time in your life you have encountered pretenders. You know the people that change up their presentation in an attempt to insincerely connect with others.

Example: You know the people that hate ice-cream all their life but suddenly when they encounter someone leaving cold-stone creamery they suddenly have so much to say about how great ice-cream is and how great the flavors are however they are watching their weight. I’ve witnessed this from quite a few people and my reaction-(a) instant lack of respect for that person and (b) I trust nothing about this person and therefore can’t fathom developing any form of friendship because I have no idea who this person truly is as they change presentation like a chameleon every-time they meet someone.

"Imitation is the best form of flattery."-Author Unknown.

Chartrand and Bargh –Chameleon effect is the term used to capture someone’s efforts to mimic others body posture, hand gestures, speaking accents, etc.

Studying the movements of others reveals so much about their character. If you buy imitation purses, imitation name brands, and gaudy jewelry full of cubic-zirconia reveals so much about the person wearing the knock off. Something about wearing fake items really reveals something about a person’s character. It shows you have the propensity to be or present yourself to be something you are not.

Tip: If you observe someone’s behavior and actions-you can learn more about who they are rather than blindly believing what you are told. “Actions speak louder than words.”

The thing I don’t understand -Why would you want to present yourself as anything other than who you are? You can’t keep a façade forever. If you present yourself as a financial powerhouse and you are broke living with your mother, why lie? If that person doesn’t love you for who you are, what’s the purpose of pretending? It’s the pretending that makes people loose respect for a man or woman. What are your thoughts on imitation when dating? Have you been deceived before by someone you dated?

Pretending to be Doctors


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