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Primordial Love Affair

Updated on February 6, 2013

In the darkest of caverns where the light of day cannot make its own shadow
There exists the imagining of knowledge beyond that which science can provide
Empirical data that can only be felt or heard preserves the primordial nature of man
For in the relationship of man and God progress is measured when atoms collide
But where hearts collide man fears not his maker for the fire within needs no shadow
Obsessive darkness of spiritual blindness cannot extinguish utter longing for communion
A wreath prepares itself for the absence of light as it feels all that it cannot see
In the coffin of man’s insolence the wreath will lay as we struggle for his will to be done
You tell me you will leave as soon as I ask but in the morning hours you sleep soundly
Your eyes are all that I see because everything you are has swollen into pockets of tears
The strength you have in faith resists my need to be all that you have in your life of pain
And as my pride begins its search for its own shadow the light of your life is what appears
The veil that protects your virtue illuminates the blindness of the emotion I have for you
In moments when Gods true essence reveals itself boldly I understand sin as never before
These things were with us from the beginning even as we search for greater meaning
When he said let there be light he set in motion what two lonely hearts can no longer ignore


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