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Proposition 8 Upheld – Don’t Get Me Started!

Updated on May 26, 2009

If I’m honest with myself I didn’t expect the high court of California to reverse the damage that Proposition 8 has done for my equality when it comes to marriage (even though I live in Las Vegas, I lived in California for years and have many an “LA Gay” friend still living there). I didn’t really expect a different outcome but I hoped for it and when I heard the news that the high court was upholding Proposition 8 I felt sick to my stomach. Proposition 8 upheld – Don’t Get Me Started!

I know a couple of couples who married when it was legal in California and I’m happy for them that they will remain married in the eyes of the law per the California Supreme Court decision that was made but doesn’t that somehow make all of this even more ridiculous? I mean the fact that if you were married during that seemingly ten minutes that it was legal then it’s okay to be a same sex couple but if you want to get married now it’s illegal? Am I the only one who doesn’t get how it can be legal for the 18,000 who were married but then not legal for any other same sex couples?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it a thousand more times probably, I want the rights not the shoes and rice but what do you do when lawmakers tell you that you’re not worthy of being seen equal under the law as the Constitution guarantees because you are in love with someone of the same sex? How do you just go about your day, pay your taxes, and contribute to society, open the door for your fellow straight citizens who are somehow better than you because they can marry and you can’t? Oh wait, they’re only better than most of us, not the chosen 18,000 of same sex couples who get to be married.

Should we take to the streets? I know that some will. Should we write our congress people? We have. Should we get a chip on our shoulder over this? No, but we probably will. And why shouldn’t we? No one blamed women for being angry about not getting to vote and still not getting equal pay for doing the same quality of work as a man. No one blames the African Americans for holding a grudge that we brought them to this country without their consent and sold them into slavery. No one blames the Native Americans who were on this continent first and yet were killed by the thousands and given a small parcel compared to what they owned originally. Sure there will be some that say, “That happened so long ago, get over it.” They say the same thing to Jews about the Holocaust but how can you “get over it” when Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness from the Declaration of Independence has fine print that it shall not include anyone but the white religious Right? At the very least allow us to feel what we feel. Or do we not even have that right anymore?

And for those of you who would call my lifestyle a deviant psychological behavior that should not be compared to race or gender inequality I would ask that you take your collective heads out of your asses and understand that the world is not flat and the idea that homosexuality is some sort of illness is not based on any real facts but on religious fervor created by man not your pal Jesus or his father, you know, GOD? Remember him? The world has changed and those of us who have evolved with it demand your respect. Fuck tolerance, I want to be respected and I want the union that I’ve been in for the past twenty years to be as respected as two teen Christians who find themselves with a  baby on the way and their parents making them get married because it will make Jesus happy. I’m sorry that I didn’t “make a baby” and don’t “have” to get married, I’m sorry I made a conscious choice as an adult to be in a completely monogamous and committed relationship. How daring, how scandalous, how disgusting, right? Wrong.

And while I’m on the subject it’s time that the Black in the White House get onboard too (yes, I wrote it and I mean it). We gays were told that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell would go away and until it did there would be sound hearings before anyone else was dishonorably discharged under this policy. It hasn’t happened, people as recently as a few weeks ago have lost their right to serve and their benefits because of this policy and the White House has stood silent. We were told Obama was against gay marriage but was for giving us rights, well the time has come for him and the rest of the political machine that doesn’t mind taking our money, having us throw fabulous parties for them and doing their hair to keep their end of the bargain. Am I mad? You bet your ass I’m mad and you should be too. Because it may not be today but soon, very soon, whites will no longer be the majority in this country and then where will YOU be? Boarded up with your guns and Jesus in a hut that makes the Uni-bomber’s shed look like a palace? And where will I be you ask? Hopefully not still trying to get into a hospital room that holds my beloved that I’ve been NOT married to for however many years because of some antiquated fear based religious mandate from a government that is supposed to offer a separation of church and state. I expect more from all of us for all of us, don’t you? And much like the Dan Fogelberg song, Same Old Lang Syne (paraphrased and changed to suit my needs of course) – “Just for a moment I was back at school and felt that old familiar pain. And as I turned to see my rights denied again my joy turned into pain.” Proposition 8 upheld – Don’t Get Me Started!

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    • somelikeitscott profile image

      somelikeitscott 8 years ago from Las Vegas

      MH - you get an AMEN and a Witness in me!!

    • fortunerep profile image

      fortunerep 8 years ago from North Carolina

      From my point of view, yeah it is sad that people who love each other can't get married. It's the homophobia that lingers around all politicians where they feel they have to go with the majority.

      Mama call the lawyer cause it's time to go to trial.....

    • MotherHubber profile image

      MotherHubber 8 years ago from Southern California

      Amen, and can I get a witness?