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Pros and Cons of High-Fives and other Awkward Moments-a Comedy by Dee42

Updated on May 16, 2012

A Great Baby High Five!


Wiley Brown and Derek Smith (1978-1979)


Derek Smith (1978-1982)


Give Me High Five! What is the origin of this hand gesture?

The high five is a whoop it up hand gesture that occurs when two people raise one hand at the same time, over their head,and push, slide or slap the flat of their palm and hand against the palm and flat hand of their partner. The gesture is often followed verbally by the phrase "Give me five" or "High five".

One of the legends on who created the High-Five starts at the University of Louisville and it was at a Cardinals basketball practice during the 1978-1979 season. Derek Smith was receiving a 'low five' from his teammate Wiley Brown which was a forward, but Smith said

"No. Up high."

"Yeah", Brown said, "Yeah,why are we so

staying so low? We jump so high?"

Brown raised his hand and the High Five was created. On film the videos there were High Fives can be seen. And during a 1980 game, the announcer Al McGuire can be heard;

"Mr. Brown came to play! And they're

giving him the high-five handshake.

High five!"

The Perfect Hi-Five done by Wilson Ramos and Drew Storen of the Washington Nationals (2011)


Hi-Fives- Good and Bad

Life is crazy, let’s face it. Is it just me? Why cant I seem to do high fives with people? Please tell me I am not alone on this wacky planet having some unique but awkward moments. Like high-fives, they are great aren’t they? Just because I cannot do them well,don't stop doing great high fives and even though its not fair. Most of us are not cool baseball players, or basketball players and I'm just not coordinated enough.

I see people do Hi-fives and the Hi-fives are perfect. But here are some examples of good and bad high fives.


1.Spontaneous High Fives

This is when you, without thinking, you and hi-five partner, …. (Whew whew!)…..slap! And there it is over and done. But you have to understand, it’s like a thunderstorm, if the conditions are right, there WILL be a few hi-fives that go on. And sometimes it is beyond our control. Similar to lightning in a thunderstorm. More than less, it’s going to happen. I have had two perfect HI fives in my life.

The Cool Jonas Brothers

   by Lines,Vines and Trying Times;           "Nick and Joe look like they missed              the high five the first time and Kevin              is just like 'ahhh....there ya go!"
by Lines,Vines and Trying Times; "Nick and Joe look like they missed the high five the first time and Kevin is just like 'ahhh....there ya go!" | Source

2.The Dud

This one is like going to the gun range with all your friends, but you forgot the ammunition. Your partner has his or her hand up waiting. As I write this, my hub on this is so sad and pitiful. Anyway where was I...? They are up and waiting to lay some skin… But you just slowly in a goofy attempt to hi five, I have already have a feeling at that exact moment; it’s going to be more like a hi-three. I ask myself on this moment, watching them with their hand up, should I attempt or leave them hanging, like the good friend I am, so I aim and try. And as I do this, what do I look like? Do I look scared or just stupid? Personally I am probably looking sad. And for the record, it was a hi-2 &1/2… My pinky somehow got in there.


3. The Painful Hi-Fives

Even though, this hi-five was spontaneous, by golly, it was perfect, but it was so painful you can hardly stand it, it’s just a secret burn on your hand that lasts a few seconds. You just walk around look at the ceiling because there are actual tears, doing a silent whistle; waiting for the sting on your hand to subside. Very unnecessary on both. Has anyone has ever had a painful High-five?


4. The Kamikaze

Did you know why I call it that? Because you dive right in, then you crash and burn. It was doomed from the beginning. You put all your body into it, you get your shoulder up…..get ready…there is cheering…ready? Then you aim for the hand and then…you MISS HER HAND. Now there is an alternative here. Sometimes the hi-five partner misses YOUR palm, but I am here to sadly say sometimes, you both miss. But sometimes if you were lucky, you might have gotten a couple of fingers touching. But guys, it’s like this; if it’s not a Hi-five don’t even try, or unless you just want to hold hands with your buddy.

The dreaded of all Hi-fives. Caution with this one, this may leave emotional scars forever. It has said that you may have flash backs of The Kamikaze. You may wake up in cold sweats and you’re husband asks “what’s wrong honey, did you have a nightmare?” And you answer a breathy tone in your pillow “No, it was because I did a Kamikaze today with Teresa.” You go back to sleep.

But your Husband asks, "You and Teresa did WHAT?"


5. The Free-Fall

This is the last crazy Hi-five but the dumbest, thought I would warn you. Let me set this up for you; there is happiness in the air, and excitement, and so much enthusiasm. You and your friends are standing close as they announce your team wins a lot of money…you and a team member both in unison get both palms up, fixin’ to do a Hi-Five and for some reason you decide not to do it. You both just sort of FREEZE that way for a millisecond, with arms up and palms up, maybe because of a Kamikaze once before, you or both of you have been burned, you both at that moment decide it is not worth it.

This is America, we have choices. Then very slowly you both put your arms down, then once again in unison turn around. It is over with, both of you are not sure who seen the awkward moment, but unfortunately you both have to live with this for the REST OF YOUR LIVES. This really sucks people.


Money and Banks

Just a mundane thing to do is to cash your check on a Friday afternoon, and all your co-workers are cashing their checks also at this bank. I personally like to go in, and I walk up to the nice familiar bank teller and on this day, it was different, I opened my mouth but another voice shouts out over the speaker, it is the car that is pulled up and at the pull-out drawer also I recognize the voice.

Mother and children at the outside window; "I'm not taking you heathen children to Wall-Mart unless you two quit fighting!"

Now at that moment it was so awkward, we all could hear children scuffling in the car at the outside window. The poor teller looked at me and mouthed "The's messed up" I said over the noise,"Thirty dollars in my checking account,please."

Mother in car; "That's it, I'm calling your Father!"

My Teller; "Thirty dollars?" (then all I could do is read her lips)

me; "Yes." ( I nod my head in case she didn't hear ME)

Mother and children in car outside window; "No Mom...don't call daddy!"

"Well, you guys should of minded me...and NO Wall-Mart!!"

The nice bank teller and I say our fare-wells.

The next day I told the young pretty mother with the two boys that I could hear them, and what happened. She said," Can YOU believe those boys? I didn't take them to Wall-Mart, either!"


Too Honest

There are helicopters and spotlights shining down on me and lets not forget the F.B.I. telling me on the very loud Bull-Horn to; "PUT THE MONEY BACK!" Well at least that's what I envisioned for myself as I looked down at the 400 extra dollars in my hand. And the funny part was it was all in a neat bank envelope with one of my co-workers name on it.

It wasn't mine, and I thought the poor girl( literally) did not get paid, so I took it back. But when I was at work, I asked the girl at work did she cash her check, and she said YES, but then I told her what happened and she just looked at me crazy.

" Why did you take it back? We could of split the difference."

In Soccer, Crouch does the Robot Dance


Robot, and other Crazy Dances

I just can't help myself. I will be at work standing at the Nurses desk, and just break out in DANCE. Just my head and arms like the Robot, or "BLENDER" and let do the Cabbage Patch!! And for some reason young girls will just silently shake their heads like ' Please don't' and sometimes they will come out and say "Please for the love of God, don't do that again....please I beg you."

Once I was in the big linen closet at work where they keep sheets and pillow cases and one of my good friends comes in there and says; "hey Dee, do you know the Blender, do this..." and proceeds to demonstrates the fast motion of her arms, we laugh and then I try.."like this?" We laugh and do the Blender among the folded and clean laundry.There was a girl needing something and she seen us and turned on her heel and left. I guess she didn't that towel THAT bad.

I can't help but think about the episode of Elaine on the show Seinfeld, dancing all stupid, well I don't dance that bad.

Even more crazy stuff

  • Wardrobe malfunctions Like for example, you are in church and you see a lady that has her skirt in her pantyhose,other ladies try to tell her along with trying to pull it down for her, and she swats at them because she doesn't know what is going on.
  • Intercom nightmares Has anyone heard someone on the intercom and really make a mistake or worse leave it on and without knowing it, you are gossiping and everyone stops and listens...

Stupid Ringtones

At work, have you heard your friend's cell phone ring , it's you,you're friend AND your Boss but it’s the song 'Take this Job and shove it'.

I was at a Funeral and someone left their phone on. Has anyone heard that ringtone that has that high pitched voice like a munchkin "Hey, let me out of here! Hey YOU...Your Phone is ringing!"

And one of my favorites is when there was a Duck Ringtone at one of President Obama's News Conference. ( I noticed how gray he is now, we ALL are gray headed Mr. President. ha)


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    • Dee42 profile image

      Dee42 5 years ago from Beautiful Arkansas

      Thanks, Pamela99, and Tony, I was really proud of it even though it seemed like it was an ACT of Congress. Ha

    • profile image

      tony 5 years ago

      Very nice.I hallways injoying reading your stuff

    • Pamela99 profile image

      Pamela Oglesby 5 years ago from United States

      What a wonderful life you lead! I loved this hub as it was so much fun to read. Thank you for the great laughs.

    • Dee42 profile image

      Dee42 5 years ago from Beautiful Arkansas

      Thanks, always exploring, it was fun to write. I appreciate your comment. Really, really.

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 5 years ago from Southern Illinois

      This is a hoot.HaHa I loved the videos. Thank's for the laughs..