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Pros and Cons of Single and In a Relationship Life

Updated on July 6, 2011
Single life....
Single life....
or in a relationship....
or in a relationship....

The Debate

There's always the debate of the single life being better then in a relationship life or vice versa. My blog today focuses on that today. I'm going to break both into Pros and Cons. We've all had that thought cross our mind. Hell, when we're single we think during our dry spell, " Man...I wish I had someone to watch Family Guy with me." ( That is totally not a personal thought.). Then, when we're in a relationship 5 months or a year in and think, " WOW! I want to be down the shore partying with my boys!!". We can't have the best of both worlds ( Actually, we can. Ya gotta be sneaky though because if you get caught, Armageddon's gonna happen and I do not mean the movie...well it could be like the movie because you'll end up being upset/pissed because Bruce Willis dies.).

Pros of Being Single

Not Answering To No One-

This one I feel is one of the best things about being single. You're bored on a Thursday night your friend calls you, " Dude...2 chicks. Their apartment. I got a bottle. Suit up!!" ( I've been watching How I Met Your Mother.). You can just get up and leave your house. You don't have to think about an excuse to tell your girlfriend just because you're leaving your house. Nights when you tell your girlfriend you're gonna go grab a beer and instead you end up sleeping on a couch in a random apartment in New York city because your friend is , " Getting his" you don't have to tell him as soon as he gets out of the girls room with a big goofy smile like a kid that kissed his crush by playing spin the bottle, " Listen! I slept at your house!". Nope you don't have to do that, might try to get a 3-some with that girl and have GREAT diner conversation.


You are hands down in the best shape of your life when you are single. You have time to go to the gym because you didn't make plans with your girlfriend. Your schedule is work, gym, dinner, and relax. Maybe even, work, gym, and partying. might not even go to the gym and just go straight to Happy Hour. Look at that and you don't have to tell your girlfriend , " I'm grabbing some beers with the co-workers." (exceptional example of my first Pro.). The thing is being single, you care about your body, you get confidence from going to the gym. You wanna look good for girls at the bar, beach, and even Barnes and Noble. If you're in a relationship you don't care. You got a girl who cares about you for who you are (AW!).

The "Hot Streak"-

Being single and going through your, "Hot Streak" is a very powerful moment for any man. Your confidence is through the roof ( Ladies it's like being the son of Cristiano Ronaldo, George Clooney, and Justin Bieber's haircut). That confidence that women LOVE. Women love confidence, why do you think they like "Cocky" guys? Girls feel it, they're attracted to it. You tell me when your at a bar and you see a guy walk in with a baggy shirt, beard, and looks like he's been unemployed for 4 years to the guys walking chin up high, smile/laughing and comfortable in his skin. Which one is the girl going to pick? I'll eat some more chips...Yes. The guy comfortable in his skin and having a great time with his friends because that week he's bagged 2 women and he doesn't care if he gets ass because he's got their number saved on his phone and we all know how drunk texting works.

When Your Relationship Friend Is Fighting With His Girlfriend And Your Glad Your Not In That Pickle-

There is no greater moment when you're drinking and right next to you, your friends girlfriend is yelling at him, " I saw the way you looked at her!!!". And all he did was ask for a drink. That moment is like being at Express and you grab the last shirt that's your size. You are so thankful. First thing you even say to your single friend that's to your left is, " I am so happy I'm single.".

Being Single Has The Best Stories-

The single life will and always has the best stories. The thing is. Most of the times we don't remember those stories, but when we wake up from our hang over first thing we say is, " Last night was epic.". When you go to vacation with 3 of your single friends to Montreal (HIGHLY recommended) and come back and exchange stories with your friend who's in a relationship and just finished coming back from Dominican Republic. Single story will win. Single guy, " We went to a strip club right. These 3 strippers got Phil's number and then they called us and we ended up going to a nightclub where they were at and we got comped. Free bottles and drinks then we stayed at one of the strippers place...Giggity. How was your vacation?". Relationship guy, " Well, we snorkeled, then had dinner at this Italian place. Melissa got sick after from the food because it was really Dominican food with cheese on it. Other then that, the open bar was good.". Hmm, god which to pick?

Cons of Being Single

Waste Money-

Being single, we go out A LOT. We buy clothes to look good. We go out more to, bars, bad dates, and lounges. We buy drinks for girls, then they tell us that they have a boyfriend after 2 hours of buying drink/shots ( Well done wearing the low cut shirt and putting glitter on your breasts.). We want to be on the prowl for women and with that you need to waste money.

If Your One Single Friend Doesn't Come Your the, "Wheel"-

I have a close group of friends, we're like a family. 4 out of 6 of my close friends have girlfriends. If my other best friend doesn't show up. I'm the, "Wheel". There is nothing more brutal to a single man's ego then when you're walking on the sidewalk and 4 couples are spread apart ahead of you holding hands giggling. In their own worlds. Me...well I'm in the back looking through my phone trying to figure out ,"who could I hit up?".

Taking Couple Pictures-

Being out and one of your friends girlfriends has a camera. She takes pictures of the guys, the ladies, action pictures. Then the moment comes. She goes, " Hey can you take a picture of the couples?" or " Hey can you take a picture of me and my loveee?" ( you gotta picture a really cheesy voice for the word love.). Wow, isn't that moment fun!? Might as well say, " Hey I found someone! Take a picture of all of us happy with our significant other and keep having one night stands with girls you only call when your horny!".

Holiday's Suck-

Christmas, Valentines, and New Year's. These are the holiday's that if your single, you want a girlfriend. Some guys are reading this, " chyaaa, right!". Suck it, that's a lie. You never watched Love Actually, Just Friends, or Christmas Vacation and thought, " wow, being in love isn't bad." (sigh). Valentine's day that's the day the single girls want it?! it's not. I've been single for every Valentine's day except for one in my life( that ex was CRAZY and I did NOT love her.). If there are single girls on Valentine's day going out. They're going to do a "Ladies Night", they're going to not want anything from any guy. Ya, maybe you'll get a number and it'll lead to something in the future. If you DO get lucky on Valentine's day...get checked for an STD. If she's by herself at a bar, it's for a reason. New Year's you see everyone kissing their girl, you call your mom at midnight.

Pros For Being In A Relationship

Sex Is Better-

Sex in a relationship is better. Yeah I said it. Okay, we'll have some good ones when were single, but it's because both parties were drunk and sloppy. Then if you see her/him again, there is no sexual chemistry and the sex is like a 5 year old boy grabbing a Ken and Barbie doll an hitting them awkwardly together. In a relationship you and your girl can experiment. Dress up, role playing, hand cuffs, candle wax, outdoors, shower, pool, at a company picnic, etc. My point? You guys are comfortable with each other. She knows you, understands you, as you do with her. You can giggle if she dresses up as a French maid and she doesn't get embarrassed because it's you giggling not some guy she met 2 days ago. Then all of a sudden she does a hell of a French accent and 5 minutes later your outside smoking a cigarette thinking, " I can NOT wait to go back inside...first I gotta go to the bathroom though.".

Sharing Moments-

This one I think is beautiful. You got promoted following with a raise at your job. First person you call is her/him and tell her/him , " I got a raise!". They are so happy for you. It could honestly be for anything, you got a home run in your softball league and you hear your girlfriend screaming, " YEAH BABE!", Bowling you get a strike and she jumps on your back full of excitement ( we see it at bowling lanes all the time). You share these moments and others because you guys are a team.

Someone Always There For You-

Something wrong happens with your family, work, or problems with your car. You can tell that person your problems and they will be there for you. Trying to help you. Comfort you. They might even give a suggestion that works and gets you out of your problem. Goes back to my previous point, you guys are a team.

Make Up Sex-

The best kind of sex. Also, the craziest. You guys screaming, spit flying every where like when a fat guy cannon balls to a pool. He/She threatens to leave, you guys cause a scene on your driveway, decide to take it back inside. Then, you realize...What the hell were you guys arguing about? Give a few kisses. Say sorry. Then all of a sudden the sex happens and when you guys are done it looks like Taz from Looney Tunes was in your bedroom and tried to steal your mattress.

Cons of Relationship

Loss of Excitement-

Each relationship gets to that point. In the beginning, you guys would see each other all the time, not get tired of one another, go on these exciting dates to New York, Boston, Toronto, etc. Fast forward, you've been to her/his house 3 times this week wearing the same sweat pants the same 3 times. Your dates consist of going to Blockbuster or Redbox and Dunkin Donuts. The most exciting thing in your relationship that happens is when you get an extra chicken nugget at McDonald's. Then, you guys go home and eat on your bed an pass out with a half-bitten chicken nugget in your hand.

Breaking Up-

If it's a mutual thing it's not SO bad ( you still have sex for another 6 months), but when you see your ex talking to someone. Jealousy kicks in. You might start a scene where ever you are. Then, drunk phone calls and text messages. The next morning you feel like an idiot. If one of the parties decides enough is enough. I feel for that other person. It is the most depressing shit ever. You'll hear Dashboard Confessional in the dark. Drink more. I don't know why, but cigarettes taste better with a broken heart. Eating is just impossible. We've all watched, Forgetting Sarah Marshall. It's like that minus Jason Segel naked in the living room. I broke up with an ex a year and a half ago because she was acting weird. No idea why, but she never called me or anything. Never found out why she was acting crazy. I ended up finding shes a crazy bitch that's a boyfriend jumper. In the end, sometimes it SUCKS, but you learn from it.

Getting Cheated On-

It's just messed up. The other person is giving it their all, but the other is "playing poker with the guys" or shes, " having a ladies night.", but you end up finding out a month later "Ladies night" was at a guys apartment and "Playing poker with the guys" was at Motel 6 on Route 9. If you're cheating, don't have the best of both worlds. Grow up and tell that person you're just not into it anymore.

Weekend's Are Gone-

You had a rough week at work. Worked a bunch of over time. All you want to do is sleep in Friday and wake up Saturday at 3 P.M. and get hammered that night. can't. Your g/f promised her parents you guys would go out for breakfast Saturday and go the the Museum of Natural History all day Saturday. You can't use sick days for relationships, right?


Your not just paying for you all the time now my friend. Unless you aren't a gentlemen. You go out to dinner. You pay for her. Out for drinks, yup again. Go on a vacation she doesn't have enough money. Once again, you're in for the rescue and pay for half her ticket! Yes, you can save some money by having the whole " Blockbuster Night" for 2 weekends in a row. You go out the next 2 weekends. You buy shots for your friends and if she's a trooper, your girlfriend. You buy drinks for her most of the time. Ya, she might get you a drink or two. She wastes 25-40 dollars. You wasted...120-140 dollars. Better bring lunch into work big guy.


It all comes down to timing, connection, and how we feel in our lives.  If it feels right will get into a relationship or get out of it.  I don't know what I want.  I'm single right now and sometimes go out and make stories with my friends that I will tell my son (I hope it's a boy, I know how us guys are) when I buy him his first beer. Sometimes, I want a girlfriend.  In truth, I don't even know what kind of underwear and socks I'm going to wear tomorrow.  I'm just going with the flow.


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    • blue.lotus profile image


      7 years ago from Cali

      Another amazing hub. My neighbors have GOT to be wondering why there is raucous laughter coming from my house at like 915 in the morning and I'm here alone!


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