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Protect Your Dreams

Updated on July 19, 2015

As you get older you become aware that living your dreams and having the desire to improve or become greater is not always welcomed by your comrades. Not everyone can accompany you on your journey. As you speak the positive desires of your heart, speaking into existence great things to come in your life, unknowingly you can cause others to feel uncomfortable. Those that are uncomfortable with themselves self-reflect because they lack the confidence and desire to believe they can have better or achieve greatness. It is possible that you can achieve your greatness, live your dreams, but beware the ides of March.

Nurse relationships that bring the best out of you and end relationships that drain you. Look at the people in your life and ask yourself what is this relationship doing for me? –Les Brown.

There are some people that believe the lie that there is only room for one winner or that success is this limited resource therefore someone’s achievement takes place as a result of others demise.

The famous speech wear sunscreen said it best: “In the end the race is long and it is only with yourself.”

Joseph The Dreamer and Julius Caesar

Here are two historical figures that believed in their greatness but shared it with the wrong people. People they believed were friends, loved them, resulting in causing them harm. There are two people that come to mind when I think of the caution of telling others of your greatness or the jealousy that can be unknowingly present from others: Joseph from the bible and Julius Caesar.

Julius Caesar. A man surrounded by “friends” with several warnings before his death however his greatness and confidence in his associates would not allow him to heed the warnings. Julius Caesar assassination was the result of Roman conspirators. Caesar was warned several times in various ways of this conspiracy. Caesar was murdered on the ides of March (March 15).

Joseph the dreamer. Sharing prophesy of greatness with his brothers resulted in their desire to kill him. The story did not quite turn out that way but who would think your own brothers would want to murder you over speaking of a great destiny? Joseph's brothers wanted to kill him originally, however through a series of events Joseph was sold into slavery by his jealous brothers and eventually became a powerful man in Egypt.


When you attempt to chase your dreams or reach success, have you lost people along the way?

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Les Brown

Reaching for Greatness

The danger of sharing visions of greatness, desiring a better destiny, and having the courage to pursue it can often ruffle the feathers of those who lack the self-esteem to desire or reach a higher state of success in life. If you are positive about the future and your desires to have better, you must keep the company of like-minded people. The key to that success is being around people that desire to improve and those who are at a higher level than where you currently are in life.

Has your journey taken a different path in life causing you to lose friends along the way?

Do you find your relationship with friends/relatives changing as you pursue your dreams?

Do you realize that you can never lose someone you never had or who never wished the best for you?

Wear Sunscreen


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