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QBAR- a gay club in the Castro

Updated on July 14, 2010
Tuesday nights @ QBAR
Tuesday nights @ QBAR

Alicia and I drove past the Qbar looking for a park and from the outside it looked like a little hangout bar. We had nothing to lose so we figured we’d check it out. In the front, there was a small smoking section and a tall slim white guy who checked our Ids with a pen light, and let us in. We walked in and stopped to observe. We couldn’t move too much anyway, as the place was very small and crowded. We both asked each other what the other wanted to do. Alicia said she didn’t know and I said I didn’t care. (Lol) The Dj played a mix of hip-hop and electro music which made me want to dance. We found a spot close by (a small lounge area on a platform with a booth and 2 tables) where we could dance since Alicia said she felt like she couldn’t move. (Lol) We danced for a while until we decided to get a drink.

Tuesday night’s the party is called GRRLZ. There is no cover charge and for ladies, the drinks are half off. The bartender who served us was a tall, thin, brunette named Amanda. I asked her if she could make a superman but she didn’t seem to know what that was. I then asked for an adios but she informed me that they don’t make “tea drinks” on Tuesday nights. She named a few others but I couldn’t really hear her. I’m not up on my drink game like that so I didn’t get it. (Lol) I then asked for a Cadillac which she made with pleasure. Usually they cost between $10 and $12 but we only paid $5.50.

My wife and I shared the first drink as we found a spot by the DJ booth with lots of space to move, and a cushion bench on a platform. We later ordered 2 Cadillac drinks and continued to dance. The music was cool and EVERYONE was dancing. That isn’t a club you can go to if you just want to stand around. The dance floor was crowded and there’s a platform against the wall where you can dance if you want to show off. (Lol) There was a really slim person dancing up there ALL night. I say person because I’m not sure if it was a guy or a girl, no offense. The DJ played 2 songs that made me want to sit down, but Alicia’s cousin Shannon came over and asked the DJ to play some hip hop and that quickly changed my mind. We also made a new friend named Arthur, a gay guy who said that we were a super hot couple. =)

We danced non stop for two and half hours. I definitely recommend going to the Qbar Tuesday nights if you like to dance. It’s small and crowded and the wait for the women’s bathroom is very long, so we had to use the men’s, BUT we had lots of fun, and we were both glad that we didn’t decide to leave. Oh, and I didn’t mention that the club is totally drama free. =)


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