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Quit Chewing in My Ear!!

Updated on October 6, 2017

What Is Misophonia?

Do you ever hear someone eating and dream about their demise? Yes? You may have misophonia. Misophonia is when you hate certain sounds. Many people that don't have it don't understand it. Do you know the saying "It's like nails on a chalkboard"? That would be an example of misophonia. It can be hearing someone chewing, gulping, smacking, or even just small buzzing, beeping, screeching, scratching, and so much more. Hate the sound of someone clicking their pen over and over again, that is another example. There are so many examples it would take a series of novels to explain each one. But here are just a few generalized examples.

Try Not To Explode

Listening to you significant other smacking their lips while they eat is the worst of all. The only thought that runs through my head is "If you do not stop, I will fight you and I will win". To some people, this is a make or break. No, scratch that, for pretty much everyone that has misophonia, it IS a make or break. More times than not, it would be a break.

More Examples of Misophonia

  1. Popping gum- the constant loud pop of someone chewing their gum can ignite rage like no other
  2. Chewing with your mouth open- The way your food sounds sloshing around in your mouth and the way your lips smack... I m cringing and imagining fiery deaths
  3. Scraping your metal utensils against your plate- the kind of sound that even makes your ears cringe
  4. Breathing too loud- yes, this is actually a thing that will get you mind punched in the throat.


You may not be bothered by any of these things, but that does not mean that someone around isn't. It is important to be courteous when eating around others especially in a public setting. Just practice common table manners when in the company of others. It is only acceptable to eat loudly and slurp in some Asian countries.

How Do I Talk About My Misophonia?

It is actually very easy. If you are bothered by a noise that someone is making, ask them politely to quiet down or even move from where you are. Yes, some people without misophonia will be loud just to irritate you. If you don't realize the person you are around is someone that does make a noise that bothers you, just let them know and explain the noises that bother you. DO NOT be demanding about it either. Just tell them that these certain noises bother you and try to work with them on it. It will be difficult to get through it at first, but working together definitely makes things go smoothly.

How Likely Am I To Have Misophonia?

Studies show that it usually begins between the ages of 9 and 13 and more common in females. I can be triggered by any number of things, including those I have listed above. There are a lot of things that these triggers can cause as well. It may present itself at between 9 and 13 but chances are, it will not go away unless you get special hearing aides that have been developed.

Common Responses To These Sounds

  1. Anxiety
  2. Anger
  3. Hatred
  4. Panic
  5. Fear
  6. Skin Crawling

Is Misophonia Just A Form Of OCD?

Some people may say that it is just a form of OCD, however, there have been no studies that support that. It can seem like it is a form of audio OCD because you only dislike certain sounds. That is truly not the case. For myself, I have severe misophonia, mainly when it comes to people eating. My triggers are smacking, talking with food in your mouth, chewing loudly, or scraping metal utensils against plates. Many people who have misophonia are not taken seriously, however, it is a very real thing to have and struggle with.

Do You Have Misophonia?

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© 2017 Carissa Kumiko Bradley


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