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Qualities of Women that Intimidate Men

Updated on September 4, 2014
C.V.Rajan profile image

C.V.Rajan is a retired Engineer and a spiritual seeker.With inquisitive observation of life, he writes on several human relationship issues.

Men would like to see certain comforting stereotypical qualities in women; most men have certain definite expectations of stature, behavior and looks in women within the boundaries of which they feel comfortable dealing with them. When some women seem to possess qualities beyond such expectations, men feel intimidated by them. Men feel uncomfortable and vulnerable in front of such women; they feel their one-upmanship stature will get threatened by such women.

Let us see some such characteristics of women that intimidate men:

Man-like. Men like?
Man-like. Men like? | Source

Too much masculinity

A rough and harsh voice, heavy physical build, tallness, lack of coyness and clear display of boldness, physical or verbal fighting with men using foul language, arrogance, loud mouthed laughing, sexual intimidation, tendency to keep commanding others loudly - these are a few masculine qualities in women that intimidate men.

Not all would fall for Aiswarya Rai!
Not all would fall for Aiswarya Rai!

Too much beauty and sexuality

When men admire and tend to fall head over heels at the looks of a very beautiful women, they also suffer an inferiority complex and a worry about their capacity to win the beautiful woman's heart and hold on it in the long run. Men traditionally feel too suspicious about too beautiful women and feel intimidated by them. If a woman expresses her sexuality too openly and tries to make use of it to gain favoritism or to manipulate people, such a woman may appear to be intimidating to men.

Too much education and related pride

Educationally very highly qualified women who do not hide their prestige and pride on account of their accomplishment may look too intimidating to some men.

Extremely calculative, selfish and manipulative women

Men by default expect women to be more unselfish, sacrificing for the sake of their family well being, loving, caring and forgiving. Men expect and respect motherly qualities in women. If women behave on the contrary by displaying utter selfishness, and calculative and manipulative tendencies, men feel intimidated by them. Many men seethe in anger and frustration if they have to continuously deal with such women in their lives.

Very high status

A woman occupying a very high post in Government (say, a minister or a high-flung Government official), or a chief executive/ Vice president of a reputed business organization are the next ones who have the power to intimidate men. Particularly if these women carry an aura of authority as well as arrogance that come with their position, men not only feel intimidated, but feel threatened deep in their hearts.

It is really an intriguing aspect of creation that nature has endowed men and women with their particular uniqueness that attracts each sex to the other to ensure procreation and continuity. It has also left certain characteristics in both sexes that act as repellent too to each other! Human psyche has many such aspects that cannot be fathomed easily by cold logic.


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    • Jem Pritchard profile image

      Jemma 2 years ago from Cumbria, United kingdom

      ... the guys i attract are very immature and don't care about intimidation. i have things they don't and they want that. sort of like being mothered. pathetic really.

    • C.V.Rajan profile image

      Disillusioned 3 years ago from Kerala, India


      Thanks for your views.


    • Austinstar profile image

      Lela 3 years ago from Somewhere in the universe

      Women like men who can and will interact with them. Men who are intimidated by women do not make good partners. Just as a woman should not expect a man to change his personality, a man should not expect a woman to change hers either. You either enjoy one another's company or you do not. It's ok to want a friend who shares your views and ideas about the world.

    • C.V.Rajan profile image

      Disillusioned 3 years ago from Kerala, India

      Hi Dashingscorpio,

      Thanks for the insightful comments.


    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 3 years ago

      I've yet to meet a man who (honestly) was intimidated by a woman.

      On average if a guy thinks a woman is "hot"/attractive and has a warm/nice engaging personality and a great sense of humor he'll approach her.

      If she seems "standoffish" or aloof, lacking interest in her surroundings, doesn't smile or seem to happy in her own skin...etc Guys won't approach them.

      The first thing a man looks for is physical attraction. If he thinks she's ugly or unattractive he'll never know how many degrees she has or how much money she earns because he won't be asking her out!

      Most men aren't looking for a woman to financially take care of them thus her career and income seldom matters. A guy would rather go out with a (hot looking) restaurant hostess than date a (plain Jane) attorney. All of woman's personal achievements are "icing on the cake".

      Whenever a guy tells a woman he can't continue to see her because he finds her intimidating...What he's really saying is I don't (enjoy) being around you! It's the man's way of letting her down easy and stroking her ego at the same time. People want to spend times with those who are fun to be with.

      Outside of a woman's appearance and personality the only other thing that will keep a man from hitting on her is he believes she is spoken for.

      Women and men are always looking to explain why they don't have someone special in their life. This belief that it is because they "intimidate" others is a crock!

      Most the successful women and men in the world have spouses and significant others. These people need to (take the focus off of themselves) for a few minutes, exchange a warm greeting with someone, smile, compliment them, or showcase their humor in some way by making an observation of their surroundings. The art of flirting is lost on so many people these days!