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Quality Time at Home with Your Love

Updated on June 19, 2013

Having fun with your husband is so important. It bonds you, keeps you strong, and holds your relationship together. Everyone hears about quality time, but if you have kids it is hard to find time for quality time (it is hard to find time to do your hair). Keep in mind quality time doesn’t need to be anything super fancy, expensive or even out of the house. Wait for the kids to go to bed and try out one of these fun ideas to spend time with your mate.

10 Ways to Spend Time Together...

1. Sundaes- Gather multiple types of ice cream and toppings. Sit together with a large bowl discussing what types of ice cream and what toppings your want on your sundae. Then sit together on the couch or at the table and share your creation together.

2. Movie Night- Yes it is a classic, but how great is it to snuggle with your hunny and just watch a movie. Grab a bunch of blankets and pillows to create a comfy spot. Grab some fun movie snacks, like popcorn, and boxed candies (you can find them at most dollar stores) and munch away while you watch. (If you do not have time for a whole movie just watch half one night and half the next.)

3. Star Gazing- Take the monitor outside on a nice night and just look at the stares. Look to the stars and just talk about whatever comes to mind or sit and cuddle together quietly. Either way it will be nice to relax together for awhile.

4. Dance- Turn on some music and dance together for awhile. It will be fun for you as a couple to cut loose together. Dancing is a great way to have fun, be silly, and stay close with one another.

5. Wait on Dessert- Don’t eat your dessert with the kiddos. Wait until they are to bed and sit down with your hubby and treat yourselves to something yummy. Nothing like having a little treat without having to tell your children to stop smearing it all over the place.

6. Look at Pictures- Pull out your old photo albums. Ones from when you were kids and some from when you were dating. Grab some more from when you got married. Looking through the photos will spark some fun conversation for sure.

7. Play a Board Game- Playing a game together is a fun bonding experience. You get to talk while you compete to win the game. It is a fun and easy way to spend some time together.

8. Talk about Your Future Together- Write down what you both want for the future. You can pull this out later in life and see how your ideas have changed and what you have accomplished together. It is also a great way to make sure you both stay on the same page.

9. Classic Dinner- Let yourselves enjoy a classic dinner together candles and all. Wait for the kids to go to sleep. Set a nice table, light the candles, play soft music, and enjoy your time together.

10. Play Cards- Play a simple card game, or learn one together. Have some fun seeing who can out strategize who. Make sure to have some snacks on hand like cheese and crackers.


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