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Personality Traits You Need to Develop That will Make Relationship Last

Updated on January 12, 2017

Quality of Lasting Relationship

In the pursuit of a partner, some of us right lists of qualities we want in that person. The women dream of an amazing engagement ring and of course the wedding band to match and the beautiful wedding with the virginal white dress, and the flowers to bloom happiness. They want their grooms to be providers and true family men. The men want beautiful women that are lovely and can take care of them and their children. But one of the reasons that so many people fail to get what they want out of life is that their personalities repel rather than attract. We are not born with a pleasing personality for it is not an inheritable trait. It must be cultivated through social interactions. I have listed some of the traits below:


A partner who says and does the right thing at the right time without offending others has this remarkable and rare personality trait of tactfulness. It is worth more than money, for with tact and no money a partner can be able to handle interpersonal relationship with his/her spouse than a partner with a fortune but without tact. It is tact, or the lack of it, that makes a person corresponding agreeable, or disagreeable in his/her relationship his/her partner. In many instances it is better to preserve a discreet silence than to say what is disagreeable or untruthful.


They think that commitment is about getting married, and showing solid faith in it. Commitment is about providing support to your partner, being with them through good times and the bad times. Commitment is force of character –inward power. It imports such a concentration of the will upon the realization of a worthwhile idea as to impel it onward over the next gigantic barrier, or to crush every opposing force that stands in the way of its triumph. No person is an island and everyone needs someone to lean on at the time of adversity. If you aren’t the kind of person that your partner can lean on, then he/she is not going to be person that you can lean on, and before you know it you’ll fall over.


Honesty is the habitual observance of truth. Without honesty, there’s no trust. Honesty is a bright and shining quality on the part of anyone who strives to make the most out of any relationship. If you can’t be honest with your partner, then you’re living a lie. Honesty is the bond of union and the basis of human happiness. Truth is always consistent with itself, and needs nothing to help it, but one trick needs many more to make it good. Falsehood is difficult to maintain. Honesty opens up doors and allows for great communication between partners. Honesty allows you to be who you really are, so that there are no surprises. It also fosters trust, which is essential for an ongoing relationship. The love of truth and right is the mainspring source of integrity.


Open-mindedness implies having a mind open to new ideas. Openness goes hand in hand with honesty, leading to greater trust and appreciation from your partner. Express your feelings, and your desires, your disappointments and frustrations. Express your goals, your likes and dislikes, your expectations and your fears. Be open about everything, and you’ll find your partner being open with you. It helps each of you understand who you are and what you both want, allowing you to align yourselves with what’s important to you both.


This is especially important. Not everything is about you, and if they are going through things that are emotional to them in some way, all they want is your understanding and support. Life is made up, not of great sacrifices or duties, but of little things, in which smiles and kindness and small obligations, given habitually, are what win and preserve the heart and relationship. Those little nameless acts which manifest themselves by tender and affectionate looks and little kind acts of attention do much to increase the happiness of life. Without which they might often feel alone with what’s affecting them. So don’t save your kind words and pleasing acts; they are fragrant gifts, whose perfume will gladden the heart and sweeten the life of all who hear or receive them.


Tolerance stands high in the list of traits of having a lasting relationship. Without tolerance, regardless of the number of other traits a person possesses, he/she might not be able to have a lasting relationship. Intolerance accounts in no small measure for the chaotic condition of the marriage institution, in today’s world. Tolerance gives room for the recognition of the rights of others to have their own opinions.


This is the glue binds everything else. Love is the crowning grace of is the great instrument of nature, the bond and cement of society. It blends hearts in blissful unity. Love is what inspires you to be hard working, committed, honest, open and understanding. Love tames a rough, uncultured, and selfish man to become refined, and courteous gentleman; and transforms a timid and bashful girl to the woman of matchless power for good. Love is absolutely necessary for marriage to work. Love, if pure, unselfish, and discreet constitutes the chief usefulness and happiness of human life. Love purifies t strengthens and ennobles the character, gives higher motives and a nobler aim to every action of life, and makes both man and woman strong, noble and courageous. With love wrongdoings can be forgiven, obstacles can be handled, and sacrifices can be made rather than give up in difficult situations.

Cheerful Disposition

Cheerful disposition is not only essential to lasting relationship, but it will go a long way toward maintaining good health. If people only knew the medicinal value of good cheer and laughter, half of the physicians would be out of business. Gloom and depression not only take much of life, but distract greatly the chances of having a lasting relationship. A smile is contagious and is an inexpensive way to improve looks. Does your facial expression radiate the fact that you are happy with your partner? Develop the habit of smiling. Be of good cheer.


Everyone wants to be appreciated, so appreciating your partner will lead to lasting relationship. William James wrote, “One of the deepest desires of human beings is the desire to be appreciated. The feeling of being unwanted is hurtful.” Mother Teresa captured it this way, “The biggest disease today is not leprosy or tuberculosis but rather the feeling of being unwanted.”


Enthusiasm to have a lasting relationship helps. Enthusiasm in a relationship leads to commitment. Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, “Nothing great is ever achieved without enthusiasm.” Enthusiasm is faith in action. Men and women of strong convictions and enduring capacity for lasting relationship are usually impelled by irresistible enthusiasm and invincible determination.


The entire listed above are required for a lasting relationship between two people. The qualities work together to achieve success in a relationship, and without one or more of these qualities, the relationship will be difficult, with many challenges. Without a number of these qualities, the relationship is doomed to failure. Many times we buy gifts for people to compensate for not spending enough time with them or giving your relationship the commitment it deserves. Real gifts are when you give a part of yourself.


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      Angela 3 years ago

      I remember there being an alctire on ign about a study about the development of gamer communities so that they become real communities. It had something like people who gather information to defend their community naturally fall into leadership positions . I need this for a speech about video game communities.I've already tried google, it's a pain in the ass to try to find.

    • profile image

      Kejedott 3 years ago

      No, because the President never said that. I think Vice President Biden may have said sotmheing along those lines, about it not going over 10%, and then admitted later (I want to say in May of '09) that he was probably mistaken.For one thing, the unemployment rate was already over 8% before they took office.Cold Fuse: Thanks for the correction, so the Unemployment rate was a hair under 8% when they took office.