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Questions To Ask A Guy: 5 Random Good Conversation Starters With A Guy You Like

Updated on October 3, 2015
Talking to a guy you like requires some preparation
Talking to a guy you like requires some preparation

How to Start a Conversation With A Man You Like

In today’s competitive world of dating you need to pull up your socks and work hard on winning the heart of a guy who is also interesting other girls. If there is a guy you are interested in, you must do all in your ability to convince him that you are the best girl for him. You most likely need to keep him engaged in a wonderful conversation. If he finds you interesting and fun, he will most likely get interested in you.

When you meet a guy that you are interested in, you will probably wonder on what to say to him so that you engage a conversation with him and let him know of your availability. Without talking to him there is no way you can let him know of your interest in him. You need to open up to him and ask questions that are aimed at starting a conversation.

In this article I will talk about random questions to ask a guy you like and how you can use them to start a conversation with him. The conversation you want to start with him is most likely aimed at introducing yourself to his life and letting him know of your availability and your interest in starting a relationship with him.. These questions I am going to list here are not for your boyfriend are rather intended for asking a guy you have just met. They are purely conversation starters.

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Questions to Ask a Guy You Like

  1. How was your day? This should probably be the first question you should ask a guy when you have met him for the first time. This is a question that is open ended and can probably answered in a variety of ways. He may tell you he had a successful day or didn’t but the main important thing is that you have started a conversation with him that has in other words given you the opportunity to know him and what’s more important, for him to know you.
  2. Where do you live? Asking this question will indirectly tell a guy that you are interested in him. By asking and trying to know where he currently lives, the guy would probably ask the question, why does she want to know where I live? He will most likely say the truth and tell you where he happens to reside but the main important thing for you is that you have indirectly told him that you are interested in him.
  3. Tell me something about yourself? This is also another great question to pose or ask a guy you like. This is a question that can probably be answered in many different ways (depending on how the person understands and interprets it) but all the same, it’s a good conversation starter question. The guy will definitely provide an answer for this “about me” question but don’t be surprised if he also wants to know something about you and who you are. Knowing about one another is probably the first thing that kick starts or officially opens a new relationship between a girl and a guy.
  4. Tell me about your interests/hobbies/likes/dislikes- this is yet another good conversation starter question that you can ask a guy you are interested in. if he honestly answers these questions, you will get to know whom he is or his other side. You can also volunteer to answer the questions from your perspective (or as they relate to you) but at the end of the day you have known something about one another
  5. What are your plans for the future? This is also a good question you can decide to ask a guy you like. Asking this question will most likely let the guy know of your interest in him. It is also a good way to start a conversation with him.

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