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R&B Wedding Songs 1

Updated on February 18, 2013

R&B Wedding Songs

If you are reading this, I must say congrats! You are currently planning the most special day of your life. You may be kinda nervous or frustrated right now because planning a wedding is kinda stressful. Trust me I know because I got married to the love of my life October 22nd 2011. It was amazing and we are thinking about renewing our vows this year.

I created this hubpage to give you a little ease and to make things less stressful for you as far as choosing some songs. Choosing a great song list is very important when planning a wedding. You need to have the right song list to walk down the aisle to, the right song or the 1st dance, and you need to have a great song list for the reception.

I played song music from the 90's. I love R&B. My husband and I searched high and low for some great R&B wedding songs. Back in the 90's there were some amazing R&B love songs. Okay, now it is enough talking. Lets get right to it!!

#1 R&B Wedding Songs "All My Life" and "This Very Moment"

If you don't have some KCI and JoJo playing during your wedding, you have no idea what you would be missing. Kci and JoJo have songs that are appropriate for walking down the aisle and also the 1st dance. The ones that I love the most are "All My Life" and "This Very Moment"

#2 R&B Wedding Songs "Happily Ever After"

Another R&B Wedding song that I remember falling in love with during the late 90's or early 2000s was case song. "Happily Ever After". This is an amazing song that is totally appropriate to play at a wedding. This song is one of the greatest that Case made.

#3 R&B Wedding Song "The Closer I Get To You"

Okay, lets take it back a little bit further to a classic song. It is by the late Luther Vandross and the amazing Beyonce. This song would bring tears to your eyes. The lyrics are amazing and it is a great collaboration.

Another song that is great that is also by Luther Vandross is "Here and Now". This is surely one of the most amazing songs that I have ever heard. I can see myself walking down the aisle to this song during the renewal of my vows. This a great R&B Wedding Song.

#4 R&B Wedding Song "I Do"

This song made me cried when I first heard it. it is extremely appropriate for the occasion because on your special day, you would be saying I DO. :)

#5 R&B Wedding Songs "Promise"

Jagged Edge is a group that has some of the greatest love songs. They really need to come back on with some more music. Their song "Promise" is a great song to play during the reception. I love this song. This a great R&B Love Song.

#6 R&B Wedding Song "Lifetime"

Prophet Jones didn't stay around that long but everyone loved this song. Great voices! They need to release some more great R&B Love Songs. I think this is a great song to play at the reception. I even heard some people saying they would play it walking down the aisle.

#7 R&B Wedding Song "Made to love you"

Gerald Levert song Made to love you are one of the top R&B wedding songs ever. My cousin first dance was to this song. It is perfect for the occasion.

#8 R&B Wedding Song "Forever"

Jaheim have that soulful voice that i love so much. This is a beautiful song and I love the lyrics. I can see myself dancing to this song or walking down the aisle. It is a perfect song for a wedding. A great R&B Wedding Song

#9 R&B Wedding Song "Love"

Musiq Soulchild write lyrics that touch you. I have always loved this song "Love". I think this is a great song to play during the reception. It is a great R&B Wedding Song

#10 R&B Wedding "I believe in you and me"

I couldn't end this song list without on of the amazing and great Whitney's Houston's song "I believe in you and me". This is a beautiful song by a woman with the most beautiful voice ever! I can see myself walking down the aisle to this song or dancing to this song. It is an awesome R&B Wedding Song


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    • profile image

      Shahidah Graham 2 years ago

      OMG thank u SO much for this list!!!!! I just found my song!!

    • profile image

      Sekcladee 3 years ago

      I gotta be jagged edge!

    • profile image

      3 years ago

      Great list!

    • platinumOwl4 profile image

      platinumOwl4 4 years ago

      It is impossible that your article has not received any comments. So, with that said, for my money I pick Here and now, Luther Vandross. The reason is it works well with my ideology. I don't worry about yesterday. Tomorrow is not yet here, so all we have in here and now.