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Updated on October 5, 2016

The topic of gay marriages is something that has been controversial in both religious and political circles around the world. In United States, Massachusetts and Netherlands were the first state to legalize gay marriages. Around the world, same sex marriages have been rising, thanks to legalization of this pheonemena in it’s favor. This is after various nations opted to legalize it as a way of protecting “individual rights”. While this aspect can still be seen in early history, there is currently a heated debate regarding the controversy surrounding the issue of gay marriage. Despite the increasing legalization of gay rights, there is no doubt that the controversy surrounding it is likely to diminish soon.


Among the countries that have legalized gay marriage around the world include, Iceland, Belgium, Canada, Spain, Norway, Portugal, Sweden and Netherlands (Fedorak, 2008). In U.S, various states also allow gay marriage in U.S including Iowa, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, New York, and Massachusetts (Pew Research Center, 2016). However, there are also other states, such as North Carolina which have passed constitutional laws that bare gay marriages. Certain states in U.S have been vocal in advocating and trailblazing gay rights in marriages. Interestingly, there are also leaders in a number of US states which are strongly advocating for the criminalization of gay marriages on its entirety. Furthermore, majority of the states in the third world are also against gay marriages (Herek, 2006).

Religion has been a key factor in campaigning against gay marriages not only in America but also in various other parts of the world. Most religions conceive marriage as an institution which is sacred. In the event that this institution is opened to homosexual relations, then this sanctity of marriage will be jeopardized. The Catholic Church for instance, has been quite vocal in condemning gay marriages to the strongest terms possible. This has also been the same case with American Evangelicals and a large section of Pentecostals (Jouet, 2012).

On their part, the LGBT communities are increasing active in an attempt to sustain themselves and their outfits in this seemingly hostile society. For instance, the U.S president has been at many times heard supporting legalization of gay rights and marriages (Hook, 2015). Similarly, a number of politicians have feared taking a particular stand in regard to either prohibiting or allowing gay rights. The major reason why politicians fail to take a stand is because of the controversy attached on it. In other words, they are aware that in the event they are heard taking a specific stand, say being against gay marriages, then they are sure to lose the support of members of the LGBT. On the other hand, if the same politicians happen to support gay rights publicly, then they will live by the condemnation of those opposing this aspect. Therefore, most politicians choose to be neutral on this aspect.


In general, there is no sign that the controversy on gay marriage is likely to abate soon. While some states and nations around the world are legalizing the practice, many more are banning it. While there are many advocates campaigning against the practice, there are many groups and communities also campaigning for its recognition. Many Western countries are fighting for homosexuality to be identified as the right of individual. However, most of the third world nations are against this aspect on its entirety. The trend in which this phenomenon goes about makes it hard to ascertain its conclusion.


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