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Racism is Alive

Updated on May 8, 2017

The N.Word

racism is a discrimination Prejudice toward people based on their race and ethnicity. It is a powerful tool invented towards Black's by for centuries. Will racist ever be in the Pass? In 2008 Barrack Obama the first Afro-American was elected President, this divided the nation for some Whites, A Black man should have never been the president of the United States in the eyes of some whites.

Republicans did everything they could do to stop Obama, he was Ignored, disrespected by Republicans who refused to basically work with him. Obama was attacked by Republicans who said Obama a black man in the White House was a man with Liberal agenda. For Afro-Americans race will always be a major issue to some whites. Obama was A Black man who held the power of America in his hands and that unacceptable to some whites.

In 2017 Monday night at Fenway Park Adam Jones A player of the Baltimore Orioles was booed and yelled at by a few drunks who shouted out the N-word throwing peanuts at the ball player .Tuesday night a Black woman singing National Anthem was discriminated against by Red Sox fan, he was reported and banned from Fenway Park for life. Boston is known to be a

Boston is known to be one of the most racist city in America . It's mean hateful and deplorable that racism is still a major issue among some people who has been taught to hate.

As much as we want to believe racist is a thing of the past, in hindsight it will always be a struggle for Afro-Americans because of their African heritage. we saw our first Black President disrespected, humiliated and treated badly because he refused to be a yes man.

Did race play a part major role in the murders of Michael Brown, Jordan Davis and Trayvon Martin? Young Black men in different cites across America are being killed daily, by policemen who are very much racism.

Will the N-word ever be forgotten?.



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    • profile image

      Justsilvie 4 years ago

      I think racism stems from the fear of someone different than us and the desire to be a step above. You saw this in the south with the poor whites, who were extremely racist towards black people and in the north with the treatment of some Europeans, especially the Irish even though financially they were often in the same shoes and you see this throughout the planet.

      I have thought for years about a cure for this disease? And I have come to the opinion that we need to learn to accept and embrace our differences and then we may come to the realization we are more alike then different and there is nothing to fear.

    • jada67 profile image

      Maxine Daniels Foster 4 years ago from Boston MA

      Racism was created thousands of year ago by a generation of people who never took the opportunity to understand each other.

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