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Updated on July 29, 2015

The Face of VT Willi

VT Willi
VT Willi | Source
Join the Forum. Discussions on Religion, Politics and Life.
Join the Forum. Discussions on Religion, Politics and Life. | Source

You are the lights. Draw them and share the Word.

See my glow. It shows all across my face in every crevice and line-in every space. I shine. Bright as white and calm as night; I beam. Blinding; I am poised to pounce and spread my light. I am changed. Transformed by speed and molded with pain.

I Radiate. I pulsate. I give forth and spread. Bound by the center my realm you shall not enter as I allude to who I really am.

Feel my warmth. It is gentle. I am touched by God and he provides my might. I am a life-force. I am here to do his will and nothing more. I am a flame’s flicker; giving due light, as I lead you through my life. I am plain. Sheltered by fire it protects and purges my intellect.

I Radiate. This you know. I pulsate as I give forth and spread. Tethered at the center-the center is the Word; you shall not enter with me as I allude to who I was called to be.

The east directional flow builds in me the strength to move. In my limbs I feel the drums beating- I feel life’s groove. I am the element that is unaccounted for and I am with a purpose. Include my radioactivity in your design and fulfill your cause.

Radiate. You have been told this before. I pulsate giving forth light- I spread in all directions; forward. I am tethered at the center-grounded by the Word. You cannot enter as I allude to who I am.

Radiate rationally – I reside in selected residency- I repeat rummaging through my life reaping responses. I strive for righteous and I rescue ruffians – rather ride alone and render restrictions to my life than to be raptured by just anyone. When I radiate I draw rascals in and they try to run- I radiate so that I can minister to them the Word of the Son. See me gleam and hear my voice for I was chosen to do this.

So-Radiate; yes-yes I gravitate; you know that I pulsate- spreading as I give forth light because I am tethered to the Word-grounded by God’s promises. You cannot enter to with me; but do not try to flee- let give you an interlude to who I really am.


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