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Rainy Night

Updated on February 19, 2008

I was in a real hurry and wanted to make it on time to meet my friends that weekend. It was raining heavily. Is there anybody who has come out of it that easily? How could I have been? There comes my boss. I was very tired and was feeling sleepy.

Now my self and my colleague were asked to complete one entire day's work in just an hour! This wasn't official, in fact it was a ‘sincere' request. I just hate doing it, but he made it look so easy! I fell for it and had to screw up all my plans and work at office. It was half past 12 that night and I had a reason to smile as I was done with my boss' ‘sincere' ‘official' work. Of course half of the credit goes to my colleague. She was there for me and helped out a lot.

Can you believe that it is still raining and my home was far away from office. I kept wondering about how to make it that far. My colleague stays very close by the office. She said, "You can spend this night at my home, if you don't mind!". Well, now why the hell will I ‘mind', in fact I was looking forward for it.

We reached her house and I was wondering if this was okay with here roommates. Now can you beat this! She said all her roommates have been to there respective natives.

Well, well, well, what else can you ask for more than this? It was a perfect time and excellent ‘weather condition'.

Wait a minute. Do you think she was ‘inviting' me? Well to be honest I felt so, which actually was not the case. She was very gracious person. She was beautiful too! This didn't mean that she was ‘available' anytime. It was all just a co incidence that I had to stay at her place, her roommates weren't there, raining bla bla bla.

She asked me to go to a room where she had arranged a bed for me to sleep. "Good night", she said with a smile and she went to her bed and I came to my bed.

It was almost an hour of time I have already spent. There was a very scary voice coming from outside. I was on my toes. The voice kept pouring along with the rain which really honoured me ‘the most scariest person in the world' award for a moment.

She offered me a cup of coffee. Oh my goodness. It was so romantic! I had to do this. I deliberately spilled coffee on my shirt. She asked me to take my shirt off to wash it. Well, I was just waiting for it. "You are hot!" she whispered. That just charged me up. Saying this she came closer to me. She was looking at my eyes and I was looking at her lips. We were almost an inch away from each other. The heat was on. I held her back firmly. She held my neck tightly and was marching closer and closer. I had to close my eyes, as I was completely aware of what might happen in next few minutes.

Somebody started calling me by my name many times. I didn't really respond. I felt as if somebody was hitting me. It was my Boss! He gives me a bunch of work and walks away.

Remember when my boss approached me, I was tired and feeling sleepy. In fact I went asleep and this ‘romantic' story started off there!


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    • profile image

      Ashwini 8 years ago

      nice one deepak.. keep it up... when r the stories coming up?

    • profile image

      Vineet 9 years ago

      hmmmmm..... Nice dream man... Keep Dreaming... :):) nywy Good work !!!

    • profile image

      Bond! 10 years ago


    • profile image

      Sachi 10 years ago

      Isn't that a bit too creative?? :)