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Random Hookups

Updated on July 24, 2016

Meaningless relationships are so exciting..isn't it

Riya just came out of a 5 year long relationship. First few days were sad but slowly she realized how free she is. These is no one who is stopping her from meeting new friends or going to late night parties or hooking up with strangers. She started enjoying every bit of it. Random people, meaningless sex with no strings attached. Different men almost every week, earning well, living a life on her terms and sex is amazing. What more she could ask for. Everything was just perfect.

And suddenly one day she got a wedding invitation from her best friend. Her childhood friend Crystal was getting married. She thought how can she get married at such a young age. Then she realized Crystal is 33 and not very young anymore. And even she is also 33 and at the age of 33 when her facebook is flooded with the status of people happily getting married, instagram with honeymoon pics, she is just engaged in meaningless relationship. But all these relationship are very short, happy and intimate. Then why is she feeling lonely. Her last serious relationship was painful, coming out of that phase was not easy. But she still cherish each and every moment of that phase even the breakup without any regret. All these emotions are very confusing. She thinks she is very strong and independent. But she needs a man who can pamper her. Why so? Is there any answer to all this or a strategy to handle relationships?

Well there is no perfect answer to this. There is nothing right/wrong or black/white in a relationship. Every decision we make has consequences which can be positive or negative. Initially there is lot of love and excitement but slowly things become boring. We start taking things for granted. And no matter how perfect you are this will happen either soon or later. People say love is very important for any relationship to sustain. Yes love is the first and most important ingredient for any relationship to start but it is not the only ingredient. What needed the most is your willingness and persistence to make it work in any fucking situation. Casual relationships are exciting because you don't have to think too much about your partner and there is nothing wrong if your not cheating anyone. But be aware of yourself. You should know what you want, you should know what you are doing, its impact (positive/negative) on your life. And now if you are ready for some fun then go out tonight and do whatever you want to...


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