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Rape Culture, Female Rapists And The Rape Of Men And Boys

Updated on February 26, 2017

Prof. Christina Hoff Sommers Discusses The Feminist Fraud On Rape Statistics

Rape Culture

Rape, rape culture, rape apologist. There, have I appeased the gender ideologues by saying these three words in the same sentence? This has to stop. There are real people that have been raped. When individuals with an agenda use their positions of influence in feminism to distort the issue of rape into some ridiculous fictional narrative of Western culture, then that hurts real victims of rape and society as a whole. How can society take rape seriously, when feminists effectively turn the word rape, into a word that essentially can mean men just looking at women the wrong way? Surely there are moderates within the feminist movement that agree with me on this. If that is the case, then don't blame me for doing something about it and discussing it. If you don't want me to criticise mainstream feminism, then stop remaining silent, saying nothing and letting this sort of nonsense continue under the umbrella of your movement. For me, my intention is to help completely collapse the lies and myths about rape that influential people in the feminist movement, the media and in our own governments have built to mislead the public and warp peoples minds.

Rape Culture And Feminist Bigotry On Masculinity And Rape

It Is Time To End Rape Culture Hysteria

What is rape culture? As defined by Wikipedia: “Within feminism, rape culture is a concept that links rape and sexual violence to the culture of a society and in which prevalent attitudes and practices normalize, excuse, tolerate, and even condone rape.” I would say somewhere in the realm of 99.99% of the population of men and women in the West do not normalise, excuse, tolerate or condone rape toward women by men and that the 0.01% that do are probably in prison. Our laws and social norms certainly do not say rape is okay either. I would also argue that the overwhelming majority of politicians, business leaders and media presenters are anti-rape and so are basically all of our institutions and corporations. I am basing that on the majority of these peoples and organisations reaction to the rape of women by men. Generally the mere allegation of a man raping a woman sparks outrage and it is not long before people are out with their pitchforks, regardless as to whether or not the man is guilty.

We even have star chambers at US universities now, where a male students peers determine whether or not he is guilty. Burden of proof, due process and presumption of innocence has been replaced with accusation, hearsay and gut feeling. Should a man be deemed guilty of rape in an actual criminal court and particularly child rape, this can lead to him being killed by other inmates in prison. Even hardened criminals hate rapists enough to want to kill them! So with all that said, I think it is fair to say that if anything, when it comes to men raping women and girls, we have an anti-rape culture in the West.

Women Are Agents Of Their Own Lives Not Perpetual Victims

Lauren Southern Confronts The Feminist Slutwalk

What feminists have insidiously tried to do, is morph the issue of the over-sexualisation of women in mass media (which is a real women's rights issue), into a mythical Western cultural acceptance of rape. Clearly feminists have not heard of the term “sex sells” and if this culture is guilty of treating women as sex objects, both genders are culpable. We see sexual objectification of women in women’s magazines with mostly female writers and editors after all and whilst this might be hard to believe, women are responsible for how they dress and behave (as are men). I feel compelled to say something about fatherlessness and the impact that has on young women regarding their sexual and social behaviour, but I am sure feminists don't want to hear about that. Anyway, to say that all of this is indicative of a public acceptance of rape in our culture is an enormously ridiculous leap to make. But whatever gives money and influence to your movement is justified right? Now matter how much damage you might do to real rape victims, the young brains of your followers that you indoctrinate or in addressing the social problem of rape.

Dr. Philip.W.Cook Discussing Female Perpetrated Sexual Abuse Of Adult Men

Female Pedophilia Part 1 Of A 3 Part Series

Women Sexually Abusing Adult Men And Women (Part 3 Of A 4 Part Series)

One Account Of The Sexual Abuse Of Boys By Girls

The Rape Of Men And Boys

When it comes to men raping women, there is no rape culture and there are no rape apologists. I wish I could say the same for women raping men and boys or even women raping other women, but I can’t. I cannot because this society does not take female sexual abuse seriously (along with physical violence). The reality is that female sexual abuse of boys and adult men (yes that is right adult men) is far more common than society thinks it is. To find out just how common, might I suggest people listen to the adjacent video interview with Dr. Philip. W. Cook on female perpetrated sexual abuse of adult men and read the book he published on the subject with Dr. Tammy Hodo, "When Women Sexually Abuse Men". Then consult the adjacent video on female pedophilia. The reality is that female prepetrators are responsible for a substantial chunk of overall sexual violence and not just a tiny fraction. I know men myself, that have been raped by women. Not a single one of these women did time behind bars.

I particularly find it very revealing on just how lopsided our views are as a society on sexual abuse, when we are automatically more predisposed to distrusting men around children and yet a large number of the perpetrators of child abuse are actually women. Time and time again we see female teachers, mothers, aunts or older women and even girls in the news raping boys and girls and yet they receive much shorter prison sentences than their male counterparts or get off with no prison time at all. He was “lucky”, he is a “guy”, he “wanted it”, the excuses come from everywhere in this society. She was “depressed”, she was “lonely” after a messy divorce, she was “out of character” or it was just "inappropriate horseplay". We excuse sexual abuse when it is women committing the crimes of rape or sexual abuse, but none of these excuses are good enough when suddenly the perpetrator is male. Even if the male perpetrator is a boy, suddenly he is magically an adult in the eyes of the law. Speaking of child sex offenders, it is not just adult women sexually abusing boys, girls do it too. Recently this year in 2014 in the state of Maryland in the US, a 16 year old mentally disabled boy was physically and sexually tortured by two teenage girls (see adjacent video above). Here are another two examples for those that have trouble believing that boys are never sexually abused by girls-example 1 with a 12 year old autistic boy from Australia, example 2 with a 4 year old boy from the US (a related critique be RamzPaul linked here).

Our Double Standard On Women Drugging Men

Women Raping Women

I remember once when I was driving home in the car and on the radio for “entertainment”, they decided to ask the audience to call in if there were any guys that had been date raped. To the presenters surprise quite a few called in. Men that had been drugged, had their drinks spiked or were drunk at the time and gang raped in some instances by groups of women while on a night out. Yes this does happen and why wouldn’t it? The self-serving justification is he was “lucky”, it was all in good fun right girls? So what did the men think of their experience? A number of them were angry and they did not feel lucky. Angry that they had been taking advantage of and that none of these women thought anything of their feelings or personhood. Rape at a basic level is a violation of a persons dignity, regardless of the sex of the victim. In some cases for men it is more than that if they contract a sexually transmitted disease or are literally forced into involuntary fatherhood. Perhaps worst of all, many men are embarrassed to talk about it and a large number do not press charges or even report it as a result of the shame they feel (men are not "supposed" to be raped by women according to our social norms). Of course I am not even mentioning the reality that women rape other women and the damage that does (please see adjacent video above).

The Feminist Cover Up On The Statistics Of Male Rape Victims

The Lies Behind Rape Reporting

Now people at this point, will probably say to me, yeah well all that is true, but the majority of people that are raped are women and not men. I don’t blame them, if you go onto a government website or simply turn on the TV, that is exactly what they will report. The problem of course is that everyone takes what they read or watch at face value. There is no critical examination, no investigation, just blind acceptance to conform to their natural paradigm of men bad, women good, men strong, women weak, men agents, women acted upon. A paradigm reinforced into the minds of the public, thanks to decades of feminist social engineering through mass media, government and so forth. What if I told you that male victims of rape are not recorded in national rape statistics in the US? What if I told you that male victims of rape are deliberately unreported in surveys and by government agencies? What if I told you that prominent feminists (not the armchair variety) were distorting the information you were reading? I want people to watch the adjacent video above and when your jaws come back from the floor, continue reading this article.

Would you call the institutionally sanctioned silence and the deliberate attempt to hide the social problem of the rape of men and boys, indicative of a rape culture? Would you call media presenters, public officials, feminist social analysts and politicians that cite or concoct false rape statistics and ignore male rape victims, rape apologists? Or instead would you water down the issue and ignore it?

Feminist Professor Justifying Adult Female Staff Raping Boys In Detention Centers

The Feminist Indifference To The Female Rape Of Men And Boys

The reality is that at least part of the reason for why society does not take female rapists or female perpetrated sexual abuse seriously is because of feminism. Feminism claims to be a movement of gender equality and yet prominent academics, leaders and supporters of mainstream feminism have attempted to downplay female perpetrated sexual abuse and the rape of men and boys. Some have even attempted to normalise it. One such example that really highlights this bigotry and indifference, is the recent opinion given by one feminist philosophy professor on the rape of boys in juvenile detention centers by female staff. I have attached an adjacent video above by Alison Tieman, which discusses this example in detail.

When justifications are given by university professors for young male captives in juvenile detention centers being raped by adult female staff, is that indicative of a rape culture? Would you call this university professor a rape apologist? If we reversed the sexes what would be the feminist response to a university professor attempting to provide excuses or justifications for the sexual abuse of girls be adult male staff in detention centers? Would he or she even be allowed to keep their job after uttering such comments? At what point do we recognise that men and boys can be in vulnerable positions around women? At what point do we start to question the insanity of society, when even university professors cannot recognise that adult female staff raping boys in detention centers is an abuse of power and is sexual abuse and that it is not okay under any circumstances? What if I reversed the sex of the victim and adult men were raping girls in juvenile detention centers? Gender should be irrelevant and yet according to the actions and opinions of feminists, male victims of female sex abusers don't count. That is inexcusable bigotry and frankly barbaric.

Final Remarks

If we don’t acknowledge that men are raped and that female sexual abuse is just as wrong as male sexual abuse, then we do live in a culture that promotes the rape of men, women raping people and we are rape apologists. That is of course if I apply feminist reasoning in a logically consistent fashion. Are the heads of feminists hurting from the cognitive dissonance yet? People need to start realising that women are agents of their own actions, are responsible for those actions and should be held accountable for those actions. If people still think women can't be as evil and violent as men, I recommend you watch a movie based on real events surrounding Gertrude Baniszewski called, “The Girl Next Door” and learn about what happens when we ignore female perpetrated abuse. This is truly one of the most horrific accounts of abuse I have ever come across. Addressing the other side of sexual abuse is not just a men's rights issue, it is a women's rights issue.

Violence and sexual abuse is unacceptable from either gender. We either support that principle as a society, or we are saying we don’t see men as fully human and women as fully functional adults. We need to show the same level of protection for boys, as we show for girls and the same level of empathy toward male victims of rape as we show for female rape victims.

The lack of empathy we show men and boys in our society is grotesque and I find it personally repulsive. I won't remain silent on it and neither should you.

The US President, Government Misinformation And Rape


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