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Rapes: An outcome of the men mentality?

Updated on April 20, 2015

Every Indian daughter is shouting for equality

India’s Daughter, a documentary by BBC, showcases how the men mentality has still not evolved in India and still considers women inferior. They still believe, it is the woman, who invites trouble for herself. I got a chance to watch some part of the documentary, before it was banned on the internet by the Government of India. While watching the video, I was actually disturbed by a few comments made by our so called educated class (the two defence lawyers for the rapists in the infamous gangrape case that happened in Delhi in 2012) in the documentary.

Defining timelines for girls

“That girl went out with some unknown boy. In our society we never allow girls to go out of the home after 6:30 or 7:30 or 8:30”, a statement in the documentary by M.L. Sharma, Defence Lawyer For the rapists.

I would like to know which era he is living in and how well he has brought up his own kids. I wish he does not have a daughter and if he has one, then I would seriously pity her as she would be going through a lot.

A girl is like a flower and thus needs protection. Seriously? Girls don’t need anyone to protect them. The problem lies with you. You being a boy think highly of yourself and think that you need to protect a girl because she is a girl. Instead being a human you need to protect anything and everything (be it living or non- living entity) which is under threat. Why do you need to shout so loudly that I am a boy and I should protect women. No! Please… women don’t need your protection because you think that they can’t protect themselves.

I would request the parents who have given birth to the so-called superior gender on this earth generically called (THE) BOY. Please define timelines for your boys. Don’t let them go out of the house after 6:30pm and keep them in house arrest. Believe me the rape figures of our country will come down by at least 70% (see the pathetic situation, even if you house arrest these BOYS, even then we can’t bring the figure down by 100% as there is no way of stopping those MEN from raping their wives under the legal stamp of marriages).

No place for women in our culture!

“We have the best culture. In our culture, there is no place for women.” This is so true! And Advocate M.L Sharma has brought out this reality wonderfully. In our indian culture “there is no place for women.” They are just sex objects. Use them and then throw them (hats-off to such a culture). For god’s sake we are living in 21st century and we call India to be a progressive nation. Only thing we are progressing today, is in the ever increasing rape figures. Every 20 minutes, one woman is being raped in India. And by god’s grace we will be able to surpass this figure as well (time for self-patting!).

Girls invite trouble

So true, it is the girl who invites trouble for herself. Loitering on roads with boys (or maybe girls), smoking, drinking, going to pubs, dancing, etc. Girls should not do all these because these are men stuff. Men were born with the rubber stamp to do all this. All you girls out there, are you born with one? No, right? Advocate A P Singh expressed his grave concern for women security. He feels that a women should go out with her uncle, father, or grandfather, etc. if she wants to go out late. Now I have a question. How can he guarantee that the uncle/father/grandfather she goes out with, don’t have any bad intention and she is always safe? Or god forbid, if some man (don’t even feel like calling that brute a “man”) comes and hits her uncle/father/grandfather and then abducts her and rapes her. In that situation as well the onus will lie on her for that unfortunate incident, won’t it?

Offenders should be punished

If the rapists are the offenders, so are the men who think lowly of women and don’t consider them equal. Good news is that show cause notices have been issued to two defence lawyers for rapists in nirbhaya case by the Executive Committee of the bar Council Of India for allegedly making derogatory remarks. But I am sure they are thick skinned animals. Bringing a change to their mindset is gigantic task.

When will the change in thinking come?

This question is difficult to answer. I don't want to sound pessimistic that we are still lagging in getting that mind makeover. Men are certainly joining the brigade, helping to make this society a safer place.

This International Women’s Day, the theme is to #makeithappen, I wish we can make our voices heard this time. Let the world know, we are not an inferior gender and don’t need protection. It is time that the men of the society change the way they think and join us to bring about this change to one of the best cultures of the world.


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    • gprachi profile image

      gprachi 3 years ago from India

      Rape incidents such as the one talked about in the hub above highlights the misogynist attitude of the Indian society.