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Real reasons why People Do Breakup

Updated on February 27, 2013

Once you know the various real reasons why some people do breakup, you will also know what to do to avoid such unfortunate happenstances but before we start, I will like to say I am almost trapped in expressing these following views mostly from the male angle, so if you think the title of this piece should be real reasons why men break up with women, you are so welcome. Don’t blame me; they say it’s still a man’s world you know? But all the same, you can just leave things as they are because as you already know, breaking up can either come from any of the two parties involved. Let’s begin.

You don’t satisfy me in bed

This has always been the case and I have only one advice for all the couples having this very problem. You just have to be ready to learn, ready to practice and also ready to talk about it. But it doesn’t end with getting ready; you just have to start doing it to get it satisfactorily right!

You cannot cook

What do you expect if you cannot cook for him? I have often heard that the key to a man’s heart is food. So if you able to make that type of delicious meals that will always hover around in his memory such that when he thinks of your superb meal; he automatically connects it to you together with all the associated good feelings, I bet you, that is one sure trick you can still use to weather the storm at the end of the day. So bring out the cookbook lets go learn and do something very important for him now!

You are not cooperative… and you don’t want to do anything at all

If you are not cooperative or supportive, then it means you don’t want the relationship to succeed. Why is it that you don’t want to do anything at all to make the relationship work? Why is it that you don’t want to contribute financially? Ok, maybe you were taught that the man is the breadwinner and that is final? My dear, wake up! Time has changed. Let me let you into one very secret that will help you build your relationship. Even if your partner believes s/he can comfortably provide for the both of you, there will be this great joy in his heart capable of building a strong lasting relationship in knowing that you are trying to help out, that you are ready to contribute. So, you should be able to support him/her in all endeavours and even if you don’t like his/her latest ideas, suggestions or moves, your first reaction shouldn’t be outright rejection. It should be more or less like a case of let us agree to disagree.

You are too possessive

Generally, it seems like women are very possessive by nature. So as a man, the earlier you understand this sort of shortcoming, the better for your relationship. But that does not mean that you as a woman should just act as if you own him all the time. I tell you, nothing disenchants the man more than that. A better option I think any wise woman should learn how to practice is what I call giving him the ‘freedom within control’.

You are too fat for my liking

There is a very a big problem. If your man is saying something like this, you have to take him serious because he is trying so hard to be considerate as well as truthful. Some other men may just endure in silence but don’t mistake that endurance for anything like love or understanding on his part because he might have already given up on you and your increasing flab and that means his mind is already fixed somewhere else . So that means you have to take consider this statement as a warning to start working on how to loose all those fats and appear sexy once again for him or else…I know what I am saying!

You are too serious

You don’t smile. You don’t laugh. You don’t know to take a joke and that’s because you don’t even seem to recognize a joke when you see one. You are only focused on your work, the business and/or even the kids. It is as if you are at war with the whole world and you are ready to take it out on him/her. Hhm…I can only see the great danger ahead there!

You are too opinionated

This is strictly for the girls. Many men are easily threatened by the opinionated woman even though they might never tell you this. Call it the male ego. But there is a way you will easily notice this if you look more closely. They will tend to withdraw rather than argue it out with you. You may even like it a bit that men cower in your presence but you better watch it because next thing you know everybody will start hearing and saying and believing that you are so arrogant or bossy or something like that and who wants to have an arrogant and bossy person as a life partner?

You have a very bad dress and fashion sense

The good news about this unhealthy development is that it can be easily remedied. So go ahead, ask him what he wants, and ask her the way she wants you to dress. But I must mention here that you shouldn’t fail to remind him/her that everyone has got his/her right to self-expression. The only thing that can be a problem there is if your self-expression is just too offensive to your lover or spouse. In that case, you just have to reconsider…

You are not considerate or caring… You don’t love me

Why? Don’t you know that no relationship can survive without the all-important love? Almost everything we have said so far borders on love and caring. Please try harder to show that you really do care.. They say seeing is believing so make her see and understand the extent you are going to show how caring and considerate you can be. Get me right now, I don’t mean you should go about broadcasting every caring and considerate action you are doing. It will definitely work if you do it so well without that underlying cunningness that will easily give you away as nothing but a very selfish individual.

My biological clock is ticking away

This is definitely coming from a woman. If she thinks she is not getting any younger, that statement is a cue to announce to you that she wants something more than the usual courtship. She is signifying that she is now ready for the next level which happens to be the tying of the nuptial knots. It could also mean she is tired of you and she wants out. If you know that as a man you are not yet ready, I think it’s time for you to also signify your intention to man up or you let her go rather than wasting her time…but then, why shouldn’t you be ready?

You are too suspicious

Nothing kills a relationship fast like suspicions. When there is no atom of trust whatsoever, personally I don’t see why the relationship should continue. I understand that we all have got that very small secret we will always like to keep but please know that suspicion can lead to many other ugly situations in your relationship so the earlier you learn to be open to be open to each other, the longer , the stronger and the happier the relationship will be.

You nag a lot

Do men nag? Some say men do (it a lot) but I think nagging is a woman thing. If that is the case as I’d like it to be for now, then please know that when your man goes like “oh…I can’t take your nagging any longer”, just know that you are just at the right point where you start to invite all sorts of problems into your relationship because you are definitely pushing him away into the hands of another woman or into the dangerous lure of alcoholic and/or drug addition. I hope you know that both ways…you loose?

You are too ugly

Oh boy! What did you just say? Let me tell you something, a woman may forgive you all of the above if you default in any of them and she may even reason with you to an extent if you use any of forerunning breakup excuses given by men but listen, she will find it very hard to forgive and forget if you use this very inexcusable excuse. How do I know? Of course, there is this something psychologists know.

They say that the pang of ugliness can go way deeper than the physical body and appearance. It is a thing of the mind. Let’s assume we all know that women love to be appreciated and to be told how beautiful and admirable they are (even though you think (and sometimes know) other wise), now look at the resultant effect as the ugliness starts to permeate. If you tell a girl she is ugly and she unfortunately starts to believe that, she will subconsciously start seeing everything around her as ugly…everything including you.

Ugly things make us take turn our eyes away without the wish of taking a second look so don’t be surprised when she starts seeing you as very ugly too and start giving you (and the rest of world probably) the ugly treatment. You caused it man…don’t blame me!

Take my advice and avoid using this statement at all. You may be forced to discover in a horrible way that there is no going back after you say that.

But what if she is really ugly? I know you will surely ask that question, you evil boy.

Okay listen, first of all you must know that even men don’t like to be told they are ugly so if you are thinking that you have a natural protection against that type of verbal attack just because you are a guy, think again.

Secondly, because I don’t know if my wife is going to read this, permit me to be a little discreet and indirect here. One Nigerian comedian once said that sometimes the people he sees on the street makes him begin to wonder if indeed God made man in his own image. I know you know it’s just a joke but did you get the point? Where you blind? Why did you go there in the first place? Ok, now I get it, maybe you were actually blinded by love then…or was it the other thing?

You Bad boyHa ha ha!


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