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Reasons Being Single is Great

Updated on February 3, 2016

Being Single is Great

There’s a lot of pressure on people nowadays – mostly females – to date and you know what? It’s okay if you’re not! There are plenty of reasons not to and I’ll tell you why!

--Want to spend several days in a row in sweatpants watching Netflix? Without a significant other, you’re capable of doing that. Want to not wear a bra? Go for it girl! Don’t want to shower for a couple days? Well, that’s questionable, but hey, you don’t have a person constantly around you to judge you for your gross decisions and that’s what’s important, right?

--If you don’t have a significant other to worry about, you can focus your time on school! Whether you’re in high school or college, it doesn’t matter, boyfriends and girlfriends can distract you from those things. Being single however, you can get that degree and make something of yourself without a man (or a girl)!

--You don’t have to worry about being cheating on. Yes, this seems to be one of the most important ones (behind school). People now don’t seem to understand monogamy fully and you end up getting cheated on by an awful person. Well, have no fear, you’re single!

--Breakups aren’t a problem either. You don’t have to worry about being broken up with or having to struggle with breaking up with someone else. No one likes to go through that, no matter what side of the situation you’re on. Being single keeps your heart safe from heartbreak and emotional rollercoasters all around.

--Want to hook up with all the people you can? Go for it! With a significant other around, you can’t just hook up with whoever you want, just the person you’re with. Have a sense of adventure – just make sure put a condom on that adventure before you go on it.

--You don’t have to spend all your money to please your significant others. That’s money you don’t have to spend on holidays and birthdays; that money that can go towards your chocolate stash or your phone bill. You could even be responsible and put it in the bank to save up for something super special.

--No sharing food! That’s right, if you want to eat that last cookie you certainly can without putting someone else into consideration. No one is stealing food off your plate or eating the food that you saved from the restaurant. All the food it yours and isn’t it glorious?

--If you’re a little grouchy, there’s not a single person getting angry and asking if you’re ‘on the rag’. Everyone knows when that question is asked, it only makes a girl angrier.

There you go ladies ( and some fellas ), there are all the reasons it’s not so bad to be single. Enjoy it while it lasts!

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