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Reasons Why You Shoulnt be friends with your Ex Lover

Updated on March 22, 2016

Reasons why you shouldn't be a friend with your ex

Reasons Why you shouldn't be a friend with your ex

most of the times after the relationship has ended people get to ask themselves if they should still be friends with their partners and I have an answer for you, Most relationships end with words like: " I don't think this relationship is working out so think we should just be friends" and you keep on asking yourself if it's a good idea or what. and personally from me based on my experiences and those of my friends, I think it's a bad idea and below are the reasons why I think it's bad

1 opposite feelings

Imagine your Ex-broke up with you and you are still in love with him/her and you never stopped loving him/her Obviously you are always going to get hurt whenever you are together more especially thinking of the good times you had in the past.It is very painful to always look at something that you know that you will never have. You may find that he/she doesn't even get hurt seeing you because she/he's over you so you don't have to be friends with your ex unless if you are very sure that you are over that person.

2 you might end up in bed

this one happens often with most partners and this is unhealthy and someone is going to end up getting hurt again and also the third party might also get hurt if he/she finds out. It's very bad because one might sleep with the other with the faith that things night go back to normal while the other just want to have fun, so this should be avoided at all cost, just stay away from exes

3 jealousy

Imagine, you broke up with your ex-boyfriend and you still love him and because you guys are still friends he invites you on a night out with his new girlfriend and his friends. this is going to hurt you big time seeing the laughing and enjoying each other's company because you are still in love with him. Sometimes you might end up doing something bad, like sleeping with one of his friends just to get even. and by this, you are going to get hurt x2 because he's just going to use you and dump you like trash. He going to joke about it the following day with his friends and you are going to end up looking like trash

4 Feeling guilty

you'll always be reminded about the breakup you had, more especially if you are the one who messed up. You'll always feel bad and you might even not forgive yourself thinking of the pain you have caused. it's going to hurt you more if he/she reminds you of how good the relationship used to be. so some things should be avoided at all times no matter what

you will never have peace because you will be thinking of all the time you have wasted. so being with friends with your ex is very bad and should be avoided at all times. so people even died because of this. so just stay away from troubles by staying away from your ex


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