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Reasons for Divorce in the United States

Updated on October 16, 2010

Know Clearly

Divorce means legal separation between bride and groom. When a guy marries a woman, he has the responsibility to take care of her life. In return, the bride should perform her duty by helping her hubby in every sphere of life. Marriage is the legal certificate which permits the matured couple to stay together under a roof and they will also give birth to the kids for expanding family. Home will be made sweet and peaceful abode.

Now, the human relationship is much complicated.  To be frank, love, marriage, romance and separation are all the by products of psychological impact. Mind plays the most vital part in enhancing the union of two souls. In previous centuries, women were not allowed to get legal separation from her hubby. There was no specific law in this regard. Women were tortured by their wicked hubbies brutally. Women had no emancipation to knock at any legal institution to get justice.

Reasons for Divorce - People Must Be Aware

However, Galsworthy's drama under the title of 'Justice- A Tragedy' showcased the painful life of Ruth Honeywell who was an innocent married woman and she was tortured by her husband. Galsworthy was an advocate by profession and he dealt with many female exploitation cases. His novel at that time sparked controversy because he supported the importance of legal separation between the bride and groom. Women should enjoy freedom in the matter of taking separation from hubby. Now, many decades have passed and today, women are enjoying equal power and status. They have got full freedom to decide whether she will stay with her partner or not.

In the United States, the percentage of divorce is right now very high as both men and women like divorce in the case of the maladjustment. However, there are many social reformers who have criticized the excessive divorce rates. This type of breakage in human relationship will break down the society and in future there will be no faith in the legal human relationship. Marriage is very sacred act of living together legally. If marriage ends in tragic separation and divorce, there will be a massive setback in the society.

Women are right now financial independent as they are also doing jobs and businesses like males. They don’t want to admit black subjection to the male dominated society. It is a very intricate issue and both males and females should take good decisions to opt for the peaceful conjugal life. Kids will be suffered if parents deny staying together. Now, the controversy will go until the whole human society is able to find better solution to settle the issue.


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    • jennawr profile image

      jennawr 6 years ago from Florida

      I disagree with Tulsa Divorce Attorneys. You (husband or wife) made a vow at the beginning of a marriage. Make the marriage work for the kids. You obviously once loved each other if you had kids and got married.. Go see a counselor.. Do the "40 day Love Dare" from the movie Fireproof (whether your Christian or not). Do something. Don't be lazy and stay in a marriage where you hate each other but also, don't be lazy and get a divorce.

      Sometimes you have to work at things. Michael Jordan didn't become a basketball player overnight. He had to work his ass off to get there. That may not be a good example. But a marriage is something that has to be occassionally worked at. Divorce is not the answer. I see no reason for divorce unless there are domestic violence or serious life threatening situations.. Both people need to grow up and be adults. Be true and faithful to one another.

      If anyone is struggling with a difficult situation in their marriage, email me or something. I will do something to help you besides sending you to divorce court. Stay together for the kids and work at your marriage. Thats why you made vows.

    • profile image

      Tulsa Divorce Attorneys 7 years ago

      'Kids will be suffered if parents deny staying together'...I disagree with you. If you live in a home where mom and dad simply cannot find peace between them, then it will be better for mom and dad to split so that they, and most importantly, their children, can live in peace.