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Reasons to stay single

Updated on March 12, 2016

You might say being single is so boring, no fun at all.. But, hey many people stay single for many many reasons.. and here are some


When you're in a relationship you tend to wanna hang out with friends go out and party all night.. But, no you can't just because your boyfriend/girlfriend doesn't want you to.. No like when you're single you get to go out all night and at the same time enjoy partying with friends.. You get tto hang out with your friends without anyone getting mad at you.. Far worst than your parents.. pretty hard to have to ask permission from you bf/gf about going out with friends.. well that's one..


If you're the type of girl that has more guy friends than girl friends well, having a OVERPROTECTIVE boyfriend is not your thing.. Not like when you're single no one will tell you to stop talking to them and shit. Getting used to talking to them specially if you've know them longer than you've known your guy then its pretty hard to stay away from them.. That's why stay single if you do not want your life to be ruined.. Just kidding well not totally ruined.. Just a little. HAHA well it's totally up to you


Oh this is one thing I hate so muchhh !!!! Having to wear an outfit you picked and expect to be wearing and rocking it all day.. But, then all of a sudden your boyfriend tells you to go change because he doesn't like your outfit.. And then you'll have to go change and go for another look without having to be told to go change. Hays, boyfriends boyfriend, far much worst than parents. My dad doesn't even bother to tell me to go change the outfit I've pick to wear.

Well there's may many more reason.. But, as far as I know STAY SINGLE! it's more fun.. Although it might be fun to feel and experienced to be loved by someone and feel special. But, unless you're tired of partying all night and getting wasted then might as well get yourself a boyfriend HAHAH. It's all up to you.. But, like they say " THINK BEFORE YOU ACT"


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