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Reasons why your wife will cheat on you -marriage problems

Updated on June 23, 2009

these are some of the reasson for your marriage problems

1.       Not valuing your wife’s opinion

2.       Not listening to your wife

3.       Valuing other people’s opinion than her

4.       Not talking or listening to her

5.       No free time with your wife

6.       Not being open in your discussion always hiding something

7.       Trying to discipline her by not talking or being silent

8.       Always making jokes about her

9.       Always talking sarcastically about her

10.   Shouting at her in gatherings or where people are

11.   Raising your voice at her

12.   Not trusting your wife

13.   Being unaware of your wife’s need

14.   Treating your wife like a little child

15.   You are always ungrateful to your wife

16.   Always disapproving what your wife does

17.   Your are always doing things you do not want her to do

18.   You always have arrogant attitude towards her

19.   Not compliment her when she does something good

20.   Making all decision by yourself

21.   Always talking of mine, my bed, my TV, my house

22.   Always pressuring your wife when she is feeling low

23.   Your are not always happy in the company of your wife

24.   Shouting at her when she needs your attention

25.   Comparing your wife to other women

26.   Correcting your wife in public

27.   Always retorting her

28.   Talking her down – you only value your opinion

29.   Not being interested in what she wants to do

30.   Not satisfying her sexually

Watch out on the above reasons why your wife or girl friend will cheat on you, if she finds somebody outside there that can do the opposite of what is listed above, then you are in trouble, the best you can do is discuss all this with your wife or girlfriend. Otherwise do not be surprised


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