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Recession Proof Your Relationship

Updated on January 23, 2010

10 Ways To Ensure Success


The media is full of reports at the moment of how the economic downturn is affecting relationships adversely.  There are so many negative things being said that you almost want to keep your happy relationship under wraps for fear of it being considered a freak of nature in the current climate.  

Yes there is an increase in unemployment.  And yes people are experiencing financial difficulties and worse still peoples' values are being eroded as they try to escape and or survive the recession.  Yet at the same time it is not all doom and gloom as far as relationships are concerned.

Loss of homes, loss of prized possession, redundancy and uncertainties about the future has caused relationships to be considered under great strain and the general pessimisms about relationships to abound.

When everything else is failing around you materially one of the things that can help you survive the storms of life is a healthy relationship.  There is no better remedy against despair, disillusionment and anxiety then the love of someone who cares for you unconditionally.

Here are some ways you can recession proof your relationship and enjoy the benefits of a loving relationship in an economic downturn.

1.   Be grateful you have each other. Countless individuals have to face this unsettling season on their own.  Many would rejoice to have someone in their life. Someone with whom they can share problems and work through issues with. Do not take for granted the fact that you have each other.

2.   Count your blessings.  Take time out to reflect on the good things that are happening around and to you as a couple and as individuals.  You will be surprised how much you have to be thankful for.

3.   Communicate effectively.  It is good to talk.  The more open and transparent you are the less likely conflict will occur between you.

4.   Be real.  Do not bury you head in the sand if there are financial challenges or other serious issues that need to be addressed. Bring all matters out into the open and deal with them. They will not disappear into thin air despite your wishes for them to do so.

5.   Think solutions.  Problems can easily evaporate into nothing when solutions are put onto the table.  In addition problems do not seem so overwhelming when you have an action plan to overcome them.

6.   Be positive.  Instead of focusing on all the negatives happening all around flip them all on the other side.  Every cloud has a silver lining. The storm you are in could be the very thing that causes you to enter into a breakthrough.  Occasionally you need to go through tough times to take you away from status quo and force you to re-evaluate what may be something that is good in your life to move into something better. Viewing these changes in a positive way will help you to think and see possibilities rather then pessimism and problems.

7.   Review and revaluate your current situation.  Take stock of what is happening and develop a plan which meets your home’s needs

8.   Maximise your life together.  Seize the moment and opportunities that come your way.  Life is too short to surrender it to problems and the recession because as quickly as it came is as suddenly it can go. Your relationship is the one thing that stabilises the ill winds so treasure what you have.  Explore new things together.  There is so much out there in the world to see and do.  Do not let them pass you by because of the recession out there.  You do not need to let the recession to enter into your personal world.

9.   Have fun.  Laughter is good medicine for the soul.  Make it a motto in your home to be happy regardless of what may come your way.  Even in the darkest of moments you can still smile.  It is just a matter of you choosing too.  Currently with all that terrible things happening and being witnessed in Haiti you can still see people laughing and smiling in the midst of all the destruction that surrounds them. If they can be happy why can’t you?

10.           Have a God connection.  When you have a spiritual foundation it will help you both to overcome much of all the negative things being thrown at you during this economic down turn.  He and His Word will help you find solutions and strategies out of what you find yourself in.  If you are not convinced why not try Him and see for yourself.

Finally it can be concluded that recession may be something the world may be facing but it does not have to be something your relationship has to experience.  Make a decision today to recession proof your home and enjoy the benefits of a loving relationship.   


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