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Recipe To Happy Marriage

Updated on May 16, 2014

According to Dr. Dave Nyekwere, a minister in the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, “couple must strive to live together and fight life’s challenging battle as one”. There are blessings associated with holy matrimony and marriage must be properly contacted if it must last.

Origin or Marriage

At a time in a life of any normal person he or she must desire the companionship of the opposite sex. This time a man and a woman who are not of the same parents will be drawn to each other by emotional feelings that emphasize the need of companionship.

According to the book Bible in Genesis, the first marriage took place in the Garden of Eden between Adam, the bridegroom and Eve, the bride with God as the minister that joined them together.

God initiated marriage and pronounced it good, this union is supposed to be a life-long union, but today most marriages break even before the wedding day.

Understanding this union –marriage is the key to a healthy and happy relationship. The greatest enemy of marriage is unfaithfulness, which is the chief cause of divorce. Divorce on its own leads to a life of uncertainty.

How would you make this first smile last forever?

Recipes for happy marriage

  1. Home: God created a home for the first couple, Adam and Eve before creating them. A young man who intends to marry must learn from this divine example. He must be mature enough to keep a home into which his bride will come.Your parent’s home is not a good place to begin a marital life. There is always a problem when a new bride is placed under the supervision of a mother-in-law. The running of your matrimonial home is between the couple and not with any of the parents or relatives.
  2. Misunderstanding: it is a crime against marriage to divulge every little misunderstanding to your relatives or friends and very unfair for parents to wanting to have situation report of their married children’s life and relationship. The work of the parents should be to encourage their children to learn by tolerating each other and to understand that marriage is a life-long learning process.
  3. House Help: before babies start coming, couples should learn to assist each other this will help them better understand each other and blend in the character of each other. When babies arrived and there is need for assistance, the wife should prayerfully get someone from here close relatives, this will ensure that when the househelp mistakenly step on the mistress toe since we are not perfect, the situation will be easy to resolve. House helps should not be allowed to assume position that can breed quarrel in a home or distrust between couples.
  4. Choice of spouse: Choosing a person to marry is a crucial issue. How would you know who to marry? This answer is only found in God. Start your search for a partner by asking God the creator for a compactable partner. It is not ideal for a man to marry a woman that is older than him or for a woman to marry a man that is very older than him. Would you like your wife to call you ‘papa’ or father? Couples must be within the age bracket that they can discuss issues face to face, eye ball to eye ball.
  5. Good looking spouse: it is true that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder; your partner should be so admirable to you that you will always praise God for her.
  6. Culture: the different in culture sometimes bring confusion in the home, if there is different in culture and it cannot be reconcile before marriage, rethink your way into that marriage.
  7. Religion: the understanding of couple should be the same when it comes to religion. Their reverence for God should not be questionable, the bible says, you cannot serve two masters at a time.
  8. Health: while choosing a partner, choose someone who is healthy. If someone has a terminal disease, it will be unwise to marry such individual out of pity. Don’t allow pity to over-cloud you, open your eyes to the reality of life. Don’t create a time bomb and expect a miracle when it counts down to zero. When you marry someone with terminal illness, the marriage will be for short term and you will be in for a heart break.
  9. Finance: be prudent in spending, make your budget together and you will be happier together in your relationship.

Brush your teeth together
Brush your teeth together
Raise your babies together
Raise your babies together
Play together
Play together
Walk together
Walk together


When you get married to the one you choose, be ready to tolerate, close your eyes to his/her faults and strive to make him/her a better person by becoming a better person, control your tongue and temper, express your love verbally and in action, see your spouse as the best thing that ever happen to you.

Walk together, brush your teeth together, cook together, wash together, bring up your babies together, pray together always, stay positive together in everything and even in the presence of failure and challenges, see your spouse and see how to make him/her a better him/her.

Exercise self control and be ready to forgive and forget always. If the bad moment comes, remember the good old days and navigate the storm with love till you reach the shore, behind every cloud there is always a silver lining. There is an end to every beginning. I will also end here for now.

Say your mind

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Marriage is for better for worst and forever

Old couples
Old couples
old couples
old couples
old couples
old couples
old and happy couples
old and happy couples


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