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Red White and Pink Heart Day

Updated on May 31, 2017
Isn't this a pretty Heart
Isn't this a pretty Heart

Red White and Pink Heart Day

Valentines Day is a day to show love to people around you. It is a day where limitless amounts of hearts in red, white and pink are used as symbols of love.

Valentines Day became something everyone took part in. People now had an excuse to show affection to their loved ones.

Valentines Day is about a man named St. Valentine who declared his love for women on that day. Valentines Day falls on February 14. Which is designated as Valentines Day because of St. Valentine fell in love with his Valentine on that day.

Valentines Day is a reminder that just because there is a day designated to show love to loved ones you should do it all the time. Nowadays, Valentines Day is a day that most people take for granted and they don't spend time with their loved ones, but that is what Valentine's day is for if you are married or dating.

I remember one year when I was younger my siblings and I decided that we were going to cook for our parents on Valentine's day, We set up the dining room as a restaurant and were the serves for dinner that night. If you have kids and want to get them involved in Valentine's day why not do something like a home cooked meal, set up as a restaurant. That way you get to spread limitless amounts of love around to your spouse and kids all at once it is fun and doing it this way can save you money.

Everyone wants to save money on Valentines Day since restaurants hike up there prices on that day and who wants to go out to dinner spend a lot of money out while having to get a babysitter for the kids? Not very many people, so why not try something new this year.

Valentines Day is to spend with your loved ones, no matter who those loved ones are you should be spending Valentines Day with them.

It is also to eat what you love, which is why Chocolate and Candy are sold for Valentines Day. Who doesn't love Chocolate and Candy? What about the limitless shades of red, white and pink that are shown on valentines day? Has anyone ever actually looked at all the different shades, of those colors that are out on valentines day or around that day? There are also a limitless number of hearts, around in all these colors before and on valentine's day.

Valentine's Day Quote
Valentine's Day Quote

Limitless., Red . White and Pink

Valentine's Day is a day where there are limitless red, white and pink hearts, and sometimes there are other colors too all in the candy variety. Sometimes the hearts are even made out of dough or other foods for a valentines day. I remember when I was little and I had cooked for my parents we had made biscuits in the shape of hearts and served them with the dinner we had prepared for them. We also had things of the red, white and pink variety in a limitless amount because that is what valentine's day is all about.

The limitless amount of love that is shown on Valentine's Day is amazing and that is why each and every restaurant is booked solid. Which is good for the restaurant owners because they are making money and good for loved ones because they don't have to cook a meal or listen to limitless questions about random things from their kids. Which is why, red white and pink heart day is a limitless day of love for husbands and wives, and girlfriends and boyfriends without the kids around to ask the limitless questions.

Valentine's day is a day where you experience limitless amounts of love in different ways. Which in turn can be limitless. The candy and the valentine's cards come to kids and adults in limitless amounts because their friends and loved ones want to show their appreciation for them by giving them something on valentine's day. Valentine's Day is all about love and bright colors symbolize a limitless amount of love which is why there is red, white and pink heart day. Which in simpler terms we call it Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day Candy comes in limitless amounts, and I know everyone likes candy. What is your favorite valentine's candy and do you shop before or after valentine's day when the candy is on sale? Valentine's Candy is limitlessly on sale after Valentines day which is why there are so many people going out the day after to get their kids candy. or at least that is what I have seen.

Valentine's Day is a day where you show limitless amounts of love to your loved ones, by either sending them hearts or saying the words I love you or giving them valentines. Valentine's Day is all about love and how to show it limitlessly to the people around you. At least that is what I like to think valentine's day is all about. The limitless amounts of love that is shown on this day are what makes everyone enjoy valentine's day so much more. Valentine's Day is all about the love that we show to others and receive from others.

Red, White and Pink Heart day is a day of limitless things showing love there are usually balloons shaped in hearts that people give out limitlessly to their loved ones to show their love. Valentine's Day is another day to show limitless amounts of love to your loved ones in a limitless number of ways because there are so many things that we can associate with love and valentines day wouldn't you agree? Valentine's Day, in my opinion, is limitless because there is always a limitless number of hearts around, whether there in a candy form, a balloon form, or a stuffed animal form there is always so much there.

Valentine's Day has a limitless feeling of love and happiness associated with it, wouldn't you say? That is how I look at valentine's day.

Limitless Love Quote
Limitless Love Quote

Valentine's Day is about What?

Valentines Day is a day where we show a limitless amount of love to our loved ones, with a limitless amount of color and gifts. Do you think that is what Valentine's Day is supposed to be about?

What do you think of Valentine's Day

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    • louise-barraco profile image

      Louise Barraco 2 years ago from Ontario

      Yes it is

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      It is a day to show your love to everyone