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Red flags in a friend

Updated on September 3, 2012

Girls can be sneaky and even your best friend can hurt you. Can you tell right away that a girl will betray you? Here are 10 things to watch out for.

1) She says there will be times where she can be mean.

2) She advises you to go out with older guys just because of money.

3) She can be mean to other people.

4) She comes on way too strong right away.

5) She asks you personal questions and puts you in an uncomfortable position.

6) She thinks she is the prettiest girl in the world.

7) She talks about looks a lot.

8) She criticizes other people.

9) She talks about people and then acts as if they are her best friend.

10) She says there is nothing wrong with going out with a friends ex.

Pay attention to the little things and listen to your feelings. If you have a feeling that a friend isn't true she probably isn't.


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