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Red flags with a friend

Updated on November 26, 2012

Often times when we get hurt by someone close to us we think how we could have not noticed. What did we do wrong? Maybe the signs were there but we cared about this person so much we couldn't see it. Just like a relationship sometimes with friends we are blind in certain situations. Here are 10 red flags with a friendship:

1) When you have a problem she doesen't seem to care.

2) If you like a cute guy she will compete against you for him.

3) There is always a need for competition.

4) She never sticks up for you.

5) She sticks up for the people who hurt you.

6) She can't wait to tell you something negative that someone says about you.

7) She hangs out with people who make your life miserable.

8) If she knows someone is mean to you she says "They don't like you," instead of giving you encouragment that it is their loss.

9) She can't refer to you as her best friend.

10) If she gets you in trouble or hurts you in anyway she won't apologize or feel bad about it.

If a friend hurts you once they will hurt you again. If your friend does any of these things slowly back away. It might be hard but it will only get worse from here on in. A true friend gives you encouragment and stays by your side no matter what.


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      SandCastles 4 years ago

      Excellent list.