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Reduce Wedding Cost: Wedding Ideas for a Tight Budget

Updated on July 14, 2014

Reduce Overall Wedding Cost

Do you desire to have a memorable wedding, but you're not a fan of spending thousands of dollars to say your I do's? Well, getting married doesn't have to be an elaborate ordeal and cost a lot of money. Based on you personal budget and vision for your wedding, it's possible to have something nice and memorable, without breaking the bank.

Here are some ways to cut wedding costs:


Location Ideas for the Ceremony That Could Save You Money

From decorations, security deposits and the menu, the overall cost for renting out a traditional venue or large reception hall can get pricey. Not to mention, it may not be what you want if you are going for something smaller and more intimate. If that is the case, here are some alternative options for ceremony and reception locations.

  • House Wedding - Rearrange furniture, order chairs, and create a space for an alter (a fireplace may be a good spot). Be creative and decorate the home fit for a wedding. If you have stairs, a staircase may be used for the processional.

  • Beach or Park Wedding - A natural scenery usually means not a need for a lot of decorating. However, you will need to order chairs and the altar.

  • Justice of the Peace - If you want to cut ceremony expenses altogether or only want a small group to witness the event, this may be an appropriate option. You can still bring decorations or other personal items to make this day memorable.

  • Church Wedding - Getting married in your local church, or home church, may save you rental cost. Also, you won't have to worry about ordering chairs.

  • Get Hitched - Take a trip and get married; just the two of you. Make your announcement to your love ones. When you return, you can have a celebration.


Save Money on the Reception

Going away from the traditional route usually means cutting costs and spending less on a wedding. You could save by using some of these ways to celebrate your special occasion instead of the customary.

  • All in ONE - Save money by having the ceremony and the reception all at one place. If you have the ceremony outside, serve the food outside as well.

  • Pot-lock - Instead of catering or paying per plate, prepare food yourself. If you want to have a large space to gather after the ceremony, search for a venue that will allow you bring your own food.

  • No Cocktail Hour - Skip the cocktail hour and go right to the reception. Just make sure that the time in between the ceremony and the reception is not too long.

  • Finger Foods - One way to save is to have an earlier wedding and serve finger foods afterwards instead of serving a big dinner. This may be more appropriate for a wedding being held in the afternoon.

  • No Open Bar - If you do choose a venue with a bar, make it a cash bar, that way guests pay for their own drinks.

  • Dine In - If you do an intimate/small wedding with just a few guests, you can pick a nice, elegant restaurant to celebrate the occasion.

Additional Cutbacks

These are additional ways to reduce wedding cost.

  • Find Budget Entertainment - Have a DJ instead of hiring a band. Another option is to make a CD with your play-list of songs. Find a songs that is special to the both of you or create a theme that reflects some aspect of your relationship.
  • Take on DIY Projects - Make your own invitations, programs and floral arrangements. Use magazines or websites for inspiration.
  • Utilize Networking - Many times, the people you know (family, friends or friends of the family) may offer to provide services or talents for your wedding as a gift. This may include singing for the wedding, decorating, making the cake, video recording, picture taking, etc....things you would normally pay a good amount for.
  • Buy an Reasonable Priced Dress - Find a wedding dress on sale or have it made. For the bridal party, check for formal dresses that are bride's maid appropriate at department stores during off season as opposed to going to a fancy boutique.

Remember, no matter where or how you decide to profess your love, the intangibles are what makes a wedding day the most memorable; the vows that will be exchanged. Whatever you choose, incorporate something that the two of you will appreciate, cherish and remember forever.

DIY Wedding Projects


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    • lifelovemystery profile image

      Michelle Orelup 5 years ago from Houston, TX

      Many towns have formal gardens and test gardens. My fiance' and I found the most beautiful manicured rose gardens in Farmers Branch, Texas. We were surprised to discover that no one had ever been married there! Weather is always a concern with outside weddings, but we had an absolutely gorgeous day and were surrounded by beautiful roses, and didn't have to pay for any of them.