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Refuges: The safety and wellbeing of abuse victims.

Updated on September 27, 2014

Justice for All.

Funding, for REUGE projects:


REFUGE: projects. Since the 1970s, have fought to offer shelter and safety to ABUSED WOMEN and CHILDREN and have continued to do so over the years! Not only do they run their own projects, they also assist each other where ever and however they can. They have campaigned and fought for the rights of WOMEN and CHILDREN tirelessly. The Government in its passing of new legislation on: Domestic Abuse/Violence law. When it gets the wording correct. It will create an influx on all; interrelated infrastructure. Yet the government has cut funding on related infrastructure projects.

REFUGE’S are now in the situation: that they have no alternative but to turn away venerable/at risk WOMEN and CHILDREN. Through lack of funding and accommodation: among other things! There is no way REFUGE projects: can cope with an influx, at this time.

WOMEN and CHILDREN are being left in the grips of perpetrators: with nowhere to go and very little genuine support, they are left to live in fear of the perpetrator: And fear for their loved ones. Every minute: Every hour: Every day they wake. And there is very little action that can be taken against the perpetrator, because abuse is generally perpetrated behind closed doors.

Instead of funding!

This situation is not just: appalling, it is horrific to think that a country cannot care for its peoples: To say that the country cannot adequately fund such infrastructure organisations is ridiculous: Under the human rights act, every person is entitled to be protected. Instead of offering funding to such projects; the government is saying that victims should present themselves to the local authority as homeless. This is fraught with danger! 1. If the perpetrator says he/she will take the victim/s back in to the home, they become “intentionally homeless” and ineligible. 2. Victims can be split from their children and hosteled separately. 3. There is no secure infrastructure to insure the victim/s safety. We do not forsake the plight of MALE victims and feel that this sector should be adequately funded and facilitated also.


We realise the persecution of WOMEN'S refuge projects by Government; is because they are Female and Children orientated: and we are aware of some of society’s terminology for WOMEN'S refuge projects and its followers. And can only assume that it flows from what one perpetrates. But if you can have an Ethnic Minority group or Club: or an Afro Caribbean group or Club. A Jewish only School: A men only Club, etc. Then we can only assume that discrimination is in progress somewhere! To expect Woman’s refuge projects to turn their REFUGE accommodation in to mixed sex adult accommodation when these women have suffered: Physical, Mental and Verbal abuse: in some cases for years, at the hands of Males and visa - versa: Is showing plain prejudice and discrimination.

What Can Be Done?

With regard to available emergency and long term: refuge accommodation. Local Councils’ could assist by offering long term vacant property to refuge organisations: at greatly reduced; Rent/Price or even FREE considering they are supposed to be serving the local peoples. If the government “Is” going to make a concerted effort: in tackling Domestic Abuse/Violence. Then substantial; Emergency; and Long Term accommodation will be needed, together with the necessary funding, infrastructure and personnel.

Infrastructure and Law

One cannot simply pass a new law and not consider all: the interrelated infrastructure law changes that are needed. This Government is fond of passing new laws but it has not got a clue: as to the multitude of infrastructure related law changes that are needed in statute, in order that its perception will achieve its goal.


We at: Escpe2Freedom-UK Seek to Confront and eradicate; abuse of any description and by the use of any and all avenues available! Whether it is: Sociological or individual based.


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