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Relationships- With Adorable Truths

Updated on April 9, 2014

Relationship Healthy vs Unhealthy

Relationship counted in Healthy vs Unhealthy...
Relationship counted in Healthy vs Unhealthy... | Source


It's been a fact that relationships are based on common fundas, that we people usually ignore and would like to but all things according to our safe side, but ultimately when things go wrong and we are being dragged into the situation then we realize that where we were wrong,

Even in a very smooth situations sometimes things turn complicated and are really out of control that harm everyone, whether someone has intentionally created the problem or its up-to the situation,
Love will be there, but then also things are not working right that normally means that you are lacking in the basic ingredients of relationship, so no need to think a lot just put yourself together and have a glance at what have you missed in your track of love.
And if you genuinely intend to fix things you should be able to point out the key things that you need to change to fix such situations.
Some basics that I am sharing with you guys is going to add a spicy flavor to your situation.

The things will include a pure kind of dilemma that where you stand and what else and what you are going to change:

Love Expressions-May be you are extremely in a situation to hate someone, think of the time you were deeply in love with the one person

Try to cherish that situation see gradually you will come out of the difficult trauma you are going through.

Understanding by switching places- Just for a moment think that you are on his/her side and think what will be really the consequences, he/she will bare, if you think that the problem is neutral from both the sides, then its ok, if you think that even your reaction would have been same to a situation it means you were wrong you should confess and make several changes to put your relation back.

Giving a chance- If you love one person if you like to spend more of life with him/her instead of giving these miseries, misunderstanding, envy and ego things in between, if you think your love is for a lifetime if you think you can barely live with one another.
Leave all the assorted issues aside and give time for your heart to decide that you love the mistake to to kept whole life or the love of your beloved.

Feeling Out of it- If things are pretty wrong if your partner want to end it all, and want some space or even wants you to elope then I think this might be a time you should let him go as any relation that is based on forceful reactions and attractions shall be ignored you can't push someone to love you.
And if you think he/she is also in love just wait for him to develop the same sensation you bear in your heart, if things work well you will eventually pursue further.

If you want- Finally, if you want to save your sinking relationship and if it is drained by a word call ego and you are really in the mood to get out of it and express your love .

Love is blind and hard to find, so instead of waiting for the right time or the other one to approach, if you love just ignore all that has happened and indulge your emotions in love and express it openly.

It will save a relation and will give more power to your love life.

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© 2014 Arnica Kala


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    • profile image

      Victor Obisesan 

      13 months ago

      I need your Newsletter and update.

    • profile image


      20 months ago

      I understand what you're saying, but 14 yrs, tears, love, and she's gone. It was real wasn't It? Or just my imagination..

    • profile image


      23 months ago

      Lot's of typo's and sentences that made no sense...


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