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Relationship Advice from Shoes

Updated on July 9, 2017

The "Shoes"


I have terrible knees. I am going to be 29 years old this year and have already had one complete reconstruction and a second on the horizon. When you have terrible knees, terrible shoes do not help. After leaving the surgeon, my fiancé took me to the Nike outlet on our way home. Hating tennis shoes (years of sports you don't want to wear them as casual footwear) I was being a baby and he talked me into a pair. (Not the ones I wanted, mind you, but was informed the ones I ended up getting were more "me") needless to say... I DON'T WANT TO TAKE THEM OFF! I WANT THEM IN EVERY COLOR! I could probably sleep with them on and be more comfortable!

How do you get anything about a relationship from this? It's just a dumb pair of shoes, right? No, no my friends. It's an example of how closed off one can be to other people's opinions. ESPECIALLY the opinion of the one they SAY they want to spend forever with.

This has been a very large lesson this past week for me (aside from the shoes). This has actually been a lesson I have struggled with learning my entire life. Until recently, I nearly lost my fiancé forever 3 days prior to this shoe purchase. Why? Because although I hear him, I rarely LISTEN to him. I rarely listen to him because like any other typical female in her 20's I think I know what is best for me.

I am overly independent and a know it all. I was single for nearly 7 years prior to my fiancé because I would not LISTEN to anyone. This is something I still struggle with daily and I will continue to struggle as I learn. But I want to remind the rest of you, as I have noticed I am not the only one with this problem in a world where 68% of marriages end in divorce. If you say you want a man to take care of you, BUT YOU WILL NOT ALLOW HIM TO TAKE CARE OF YOU... You, Yes, YOU have 2 options....1. CHANGE or 2. Keep being selfish and one sided and be miserable. It is so hard because we all THINK we know what is best for us but God puts people in our lives for a reason because GOD knows what is best for us.


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