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Relationship Anxiety

Updated on March 2, 2015

Relationship Anxiety is when someone in a relationship is anxious about the relationship. They fear the worst and sometimes it could push the other person away.

Someone may have relationship anxiety for a lot of reasons. They were burned in the past by guys, they have low self esteem or they were raised with the wrong beliefs. For instance many older people think that just becuase they are older they know everything about love. They think that if someone loves you he will jump hoops for you. They say things like if a guy likes you he will ask you out right away or when you love someone you have to be attached at the hip.

Those beliefs can cause you doubt and anxeity. They make you feel that you need proof that someone loves you instead of trust. In a relationship you should be able to trust the other persons feelings for you.

When you are in a relatioship usually you talk every night to that person on the phone. When you do not or the phone calls get less and less society informs us that something is wrong. Before you know it you are full of stress and your self imagine is going down the drain.

First of all you are not there when the person does not respond. Just because people say a guy has to call you every night or he does not respond to you right away does not mean he wants nothing to do with you. He could be busy or going through something. He many mean to call you back but forgot. Some guys are bad when it comes to communication.

Recent times are different than back then. Back then there were a lot more stable relationships. Now there are people in the world who have depression and other issues. Some people who have depression go in a hole and do not come out until they feel better. They do not accept calls or text and they just want to be alone and deal with their feelings. If you are with a guy who is like that tell him that you are always there for him so he knows he could go to you when he needs someone to talk to.

Do not over anayze everything. If he does not return your call or call you one night do not go over your last message and blame yourself. Not everything is about you. The more you overthink and worry that there is a problem the more you are stressing yourself out.

Do not jump to conclusions. The next time you are worried about something ask yourself where is he proof? You are not a mind reader. If you do not have facts you should not be making assumptions.

Know that every guy is different. You may have dated a player who called you everynight but this guy might be unreliable. There actually are people in the world who cannot be counted on and it does not always mean that they do it intentionally. Some people are all over the place and it could put a strain when in a relationship. If you know how the other person is and trusts that the other person cares a lot about you, you have nothing to worry about.

Leave the past in the past. Just because a guy hurt you in the past does not mean that every guy will. Do not compare your new boyfriend to your ex boyfriend. Do not blame your current boyfriend for the guys in the past who hurt you. Give the new guy a chance and see what happenes. Your new boyfriend could be better than your guy in the past and he could be the one that you spend the rest of your life with.

Relationship anxiety can cause problems in relationships. If you feel that you are facing it then do something to stop it. Try meditation or thinking things out. Do not accuse the other person of anything without facts or act clingy. When you act clingy or pick fights that is when the relationship will come to an end. Get your facts together before making a decision. It may be hard but have trust because if you do not have trust in a relationship you do not have anything.

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