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7 Myths About Women's Love and Relationships

Updated on April 22, 2015
Love relationships can be fickle.  There are myths on how to make it last. But, are they true? Are they doable?
Love relationships can be fickle. There are myths on how to make it last. But, are they true? Are they doable? | Source

Myths about Love Relationships

We have many perceived ideas and myths about love relationships, that oftentimes, they have nothing to do with what is real and true. We wake up each morning expecting that the world will turn out as planned, only to be disappointed that it didn't turned out as we expected. We set our high standards, that once unmet, we blame the others rather than ourselves. This way of thinking, of always laying the blame on others, can be a relationship buster. You end up holding an empty bag and is left clueless on what went wrong.

There are many relationship myths that we read online, and oftentimes, they only result to disappointments and heartbreaks. Unless we look closely into ourselves, we may not realize that we are the ones sabotaging our own chance of finding happiness. It is easy to place the blame on others if things do not pan out. But, are we totally blameless? Did we try to see things with rose-colored glasses, only to find out that everything is drab, grey, and worthless?

Debunking the Love Relationship Myths

  • Being an emotional crutch --- there are people who finds it hard to live by their lonesome. They have fears of being abandoned by their significant other and would endure all hardships and indignities just to hold on to their man. They are insecure about being left alone to feign for themselves. Their lives are not complete if there is no significant other to lean on. This kind of a relationship is bound to fail. Nobody wants to be an emotional crutch for a partner who does not have a life of her own.
  • Being an emotional cripple --- having a significant other can be most fulfilling and can make us complete. Some women, would pursue their men during the courting stage by giving them tons of attention and their undying love. The relationship is sweet for the first few months but can turn sour when the little things about --- toilet seat bowls, household work, finances, and forgetting anniversaries and birthdays --- can suddenly put a strain on the relationship. What happens next, is you become emotionally crippled, and would not care if your spouse goes to Timbuktu or wherever. Soon enough, he just wouldn't matter; and next, so would your marriage or relationship, either.

On Relationships

  • On being happy --- some women would equate their sense of happiness by having a man in their lives all the time. They are not complete if there is no significant other to share their lives with. Their world revolves around their man, and they worship the path that their men walks on. Any fights between them, can plunge her into deep depression, where everything becomes nothing--- but an empty shell. Having a relationship is not a one way street. You are two different persons, with different lives, but are now sharing it with each other. You need to be happy by having your own endeavors. By having a life of your own, you become a fulfilled woman who is happy with herself. If you are not contented and happy, how then can you find contentment and happiness with your own spouse?
  • Setting expectations --- Many people go into relationships without knowing specifically on what they want out of it. They set high expectations for themselves only to get bitter and frustrated when things do not turn out as planned. It is basically normal to expect things from a relationship, when a loving couple is in the center of it. However, it is better to set your expectations on a more realistic level: than go through with it, thinking, that it will just be a flight atop a heart-shaped balloon on a cloudless sky. Many erstwhile lovers have fallen off the skies with this kind of thinking.

Keeping a love relationship alive and strong would mean constant communication between the couple.
Keeping a love relationship alive and strong would mean constant communication between the couple. | Source
  • Love conquers all ---A lot of love struck lovers, have this funny notion that love conquers all --- and everything just falls into place when two people are in love. This is a statement that you see in Romance/Fiction books and in the cinema where movie stars pour out their love like there is no other. Love for these starry-eyed couples are supreme, debunking basic truths and myths. It is nice to fall in love and get into a relationship that you are most passionate about. But passion, like a glowing ember, needs all the right elements to keep it burning.
  • Love can change the significant other---the best way to explain this is through specific examples. Let us say, you have been newly married to a gorgeous person, who oozes with sex appeal. The clothes are perfect, manners impeccable, and to add to the bonanza – your love one is floating in cash! You may say that this is the ultimate alpha person, and you could not ask for anything more. Would this be right? Nope, you may be wrong there. The loved one may be the ultimate person, but the personal grooming manners may leave much to be desired. Then, that becomes a problem when you happen to be a tidy freak.
  • When change is not forthcoming, love dies ---Oh, come on! Personal habits and love are not the same thing. Your partner’s habits grew out of his upbringing as a child. You may have been brought up differently, by parents who are sticklers for cleanliness. This will be a source of conflict if you don't get to resolve it fast. Love just don't die because your partner is messy, or he doesn't put down the lid in the toilet bowl every time he uses the rest room. Relationships are made up of heavier stuff --- like deep-seated love, compassion, care, and physical intimacy.

Love's Many Spledors...


Funny Way of Looking at Love and Relationships

What attracted you to him/her?
Sex appeal
Bulging wallets
What do you fight about?
Her being jealous.
Love messages on his cp
Place you want to eat?
In the bedroom
High-end restaurant
Things you want to do together?
Dumbest argument?
Didn't put down lid on john
Burned the chicken for dinner

Love Myths?

  • Many people go into relationships without knowing what they specifically want;
  • Passion, like a glowing fire, needs all the right elements to keep it burning;
  • Couples turned bitter and frustrated when things do not turn out as planned;
  • Love for some starry-eyed couples are supreme, debunking basic truths;
  • To keep the flames eternal, you need to have the right materials to keep it burning.


If you love your man, as you say you do, then you need to change.

It is either you get used to his faults, like his being messy. and see cleaning as a sign of your undying devotion for him; or you can put laundry baskets all over the house, so he will have a place to throw all his soiled clothings away.

The best relationship they say, is the epitome of all things great. If you cannot change the significant other to your liking, then you may need to do the changing yourself. With that, you have busted the 7 Myths about Love and Relationships. Good luck!


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    • csmiravite-blogs profile image

      Consolacion Miravite 2 years ago from Philippines

      Oh yeah! It is so ironic to see couples who are so in love with each other, and then finding them later to be fighting over a toilet seat! It happens. :) Thanks for dropping by!

    • PegCole17 profile image

      Peg Cole 2 years ago from Dallas, Texas

      This is so true about love relationships that are based on physical attributes and financial status rather than on friendship, values and lasting bonds. It took a long time and many mistakes for me to find the ideal man whose values and interests matched mine.

      I had to laugh about fights over the toilet seat, but things like that can really destroy a relationship over time if one partner is unwilling to consider the needs of the other. Voted up and useful.