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Left Home Alone By The Spouse

Updated on November 19, 2014

Happy Landing

The song says "the bed feels warmer after sleeping here alone." Let's start here. Blessings come in a variety of disguises. Another song says "one less egg to fry......." No more rushing home; no more "I have to talk it over with my spouse first." FREEDOM. I don't mean to make light of a lost relationship, but there's no use crying over the inevitable. Of course, you knew there was something going awry in this relationship. You knew it when the touch became cold; you knew it when the kiss became dutiful; you knew it when the conversations became uninteresting. This broken relationship is the result of dating instead of courting in the beginning. Don't fret because you have the opportunity to start over.

Guess what, now you don't have to rush home after work if you don't want to. Stop and have dinner and drinks with friends. Go shopping for that handbag you've always wanted. Stroll along the mall without worrying "what's for dinner." Meals now take on a new meaning it no longer takes planning. Plan what? NOTHINGGGG!!!! The only thing left to plan is which soap to use in that long bath you'll take when you get home. Yes, that long bath - the smell of Lavender, the feel of that long stemmed wine glass when you pick it up from the stand near the bathtub and taste of the grapes that went into making that Chardonnay. OOPS! bathwater getting a little cold time to heat it up just twenty more minutes I need in this luxurious bath. Time to step out of the tub, feeling light and squeaky clean, feather towel the water from my body and spray the mist of after-bath lavender and dress happily in comfortable soft pajamas - pull your hair back as you walk through YOUR bedroom eyeing that inviting bed as you make your way to the kitchen to prepare that single plate of food. Instead of meat and potatoes, let's have scrambled two or a veggie burger or toast and a cup of soup. Bon Appetit!!. Lovely!!!

Happy cont'd

I wonder if there's a girly movie on the TV tonight. Maybe I'll grab a book and turn on the radio. Wow, a girl could get used to this. I'm loving this alone time. That was a great book I just read, it was entitled "How To Be Happy With You". I loved it. Who knows you better than you? I know what makes me happy. The next time I meet that special someone I'll have to be sure he knows as well, and I'll need to know what makes him happy. We'll court vs. dating. Friends are always trying to fix me up with a date. Sometimes I go just for the heck of it. I'm newly divorced and I want to enjoy my alone time. When the time comes for me to seek out love opportunities, I'll know it, believe me. My vacation time is coming up, what to do, where to go? I'll have a homeland vacation instead of traveling abroad. There is so much to do and see here in the United States. Never understood why people feel the necessity to travel abroad when there is so much here to offer. Okay, the winter-like blast is here, warmer climate would be nice. FLORIDA, Yesss!! Time to go shopping for Florida wear; swim suits, shorts, light evening wear - WOW, I'm getting excited. Florida is just what I need. I step into my spacious light and airy hotel room which overlooks the beach. I walk onto the beach armed with my sun block and wait to be enveloped by the sun. I think, now this is living. Fruity, refreshing cold drinks were served and I enjoyed the cold and refreshing taste that tickled my palate. I stepped into the inviting water for a swim and let the last ten years of a gloomy relationship be washed away by the deep waves. I finished my swim (for now) and returned to my spot and feather dried my body with the softness of my towel. All of a sudden I heard this deep voice saying Hello and I turned to look into a pair of soulful brown eyes that were as warm as the sun. The End.


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