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Is She Cheating?

Updated on March 30, 2015

Women Who Cheat

What happened the last time you had sex with her? Did she get off? If it didn't seem to bother her the way it had in the past you might have reason to suspect something. Maybe she's going at it with her vibrator. Maybe not. If she's not making suggestions about romantic situations and she's not jumping your bones, what's going on? Did you do something wrong? You could examine yourself all day long and never come up with the answer. Maybe it's her. You don't know.

Look at the stats. "Bloomberg Business Week" published an article quoting a General Social Survey maintaining that women's affairs have increased by some forty percent in the last twenty years.

There are certainly a number of women out there cheating, but why? The author of "Not Just Friends" Shirley Glass, ph.D, says that she's discovered that seventy-nine percent of cheating women do it because they're unhappy in their marriages. They want romance and sexual exploration. It's not friendship they're looking for. They get that with the girls.

Now that you can even consider that women do have affairs, and that they have valid reasons for their behavior, there's only one more question here. That is: Is you're partner cheating on you? Here are some things you might want to keep at least your eye on.

HER HAIR - She may change it all of the time, but did she change it around the time you started suspecting her?

HER MAKE-UP - When she always leaves the house looking like a model in a magazine, when she didn't care before.

HER CLOTHES - Special undies are always considered a sign of an affair if they're new.

HER CAR - If it was a mess and it's not now you might wonder who's going to be seeing it if only in an abandon parking lot somewhere downtown.

HER FRIENDS - If she's changed friends recently that is a tip off. She can blame her absence on "the gang."

HER PHONE - If you see other guy's names, numbers, and pics you better run , not walk away.

HER ATTITUDE - She may be walking around with a devil-may-care presence, but you haven't a clue why.

HER DESIRE FOR YOU - If she's given up trying to get you into bed that's a bad sign.

HER CREDIT CARD BILL - You may notice that there are no restaurant or bar bills on her card.

HER SCHEDULE - If she's leaving at off times and coming home late in the evening, or not at all there's something there.

If you look at any of these things alone they might not amount to much, but if noticed in conjunction with one another it could give you reasons to think she's having an affair.


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