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Dating Tips: Should I Ask Her Out On A Second Date?

Updated on March 11, 2013


Whether you should or not depends completely on what happened on that first date.Was she clean and neat? Polite? Personable? Did she push her food around on her plate not managing to eat a thing all while running up a huge bar bill? Did she embarrass you in any way? These are all things to consider when approaching the second date mark.

I think one of first things to consider is how did she make you feel? If you were so hopped up that you wanted to go in for coffee when you dropped her off at her door she may have just gotten to you.So intrigued you to want to be with her again. If this has in fact taken place, then you know you'll go for that next date not matter what.

If you're still wondering exactly how it went the first time then you need to think about this. Don't let those little signs go by without questioning them. If she says she hasn't seen her father in over two decades you might start to think "Daddy issues." Or who knows what.

The thing is that you've got to remember as much of what happened before so you can analyze it. Pump it through your data banks so to speak. Did you end up wondering like crazy about certain things she touched on and didn't go into detail about? Or, did she talk so much that you couldn't wait for her to pause and take another bite? You do get a general feel for how things went right after you say goodnight the same way you get a certain feeling when you meet them for the first time.

There are certain obvious things that can tip you off about women. If they toss their hair all of the time, put on make-up in your presence, or spend time on their computer endlessly it can mean they're quite self absorbed. It can mean the same thing if they don't ask you questions about yourself, and take an interest in what makes you happy. With some women it's all about what makes them happy and only them.

Some things are not so plain and simple. Say she turns the wrong way when you both pull out of the parking lot, and is off to another adventure for the rest of the evening. Do you feel like following her? Do you do it? How about if you call her at work the next day after a rather early evening by most men's standards, and she not there. Also she's not answering her cell. What are you supposed to think? Another thing that could get you feeling concerned is, if she's playing games, texting, and taking calls on her smart phone. When it sound like she turning down a date you better watch out. This means competition. All of a sudden you wonder if she a one-man kind of girl. You wonder if she was with another man when she turned you down for a date saying she was tied up for the evening?

A first date you can walk away from fairly easy, but any following dates could be construed as the take off point of a new relationship. Look how often people post relationship statuses on the social media sites the minute they date someone new. Find out everything you can on that first date, you may have to go on quite a few before inviting someone out for a second.


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