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Relationships: Why video games are so important

Updated on November 20, 2010

So in a relationship, there are many vital parts of and to a relationship. The biggest one, that even the perfect relationship has is communication; but that's for another person to write. Another big one, especially if you are dating or married to someone who plays video games, is partaking in the amazing awesomness of them with him/her. So you've probably walked into a video game store, read a magazine that mentioned a huge release of an upcoming title, or even the new additions to current consoles and games; to even include the awesome commercials that you can't run from. Why is this important? you're probably asking. Well I'm going to get to the awesome importantness of it...just breathe and relax and open your mind to something outside of the norm.

Okay, now that you're completely relaxed, probably not, but for all intensive purposes, let's just say you are. Video games are huge now-a-days, especially with the release of the XBOX 360 Kinect (which is awesome by the way), they're everywhere and you can't run from it, even though you may want to. So say you're in a relationship, probably already are, and your boyfriend/girlfriend plays video games to the extent of minimal or even hardcore. What do you do? Do you just sit on the couch next to them and watch? Or do you go into another room and watch tv? Well for a "gamer" none of these are great options, because they can feel and probably do feel as if you share a lot, but not this in common. Not so good huh?

So you want to impress your partner? Want to experience the utter frustration of dying again and again with them? Pick up the controller and play, or hell even ask them to play if you have never touched a video game since the atari days. I promise, If you have never played with them or in front of them, they're reaction will be priceless. Now you may read blogs, magazine articles, and web postings about "not to compete with your partner", well all that goes out the window come video game awesomness.

Never played Call of Duty (any of them), but your partner does? Just ask them to play. All you have to do is say "Hey can I play?" all innocent and stuff and they will usually tell you to wait until the end of this round or match, and then its all yours. Now understand, you will be lectured, and shown bit by bit how to move the character, shoot, throw a grenade, and complete utter awesomness (which comes later because you'll suck at first) and your partner will eat it up. The more and more you play, the more and more you bond, and of course the COMPETITION!!

Always want to get back at your partner, but never knew how to do it? Video games are the way!! If you stay at home, or your off, play by yourself, get a feel for the controls, feel the vibration in your hands (literally) and go at it. Nothing like a little video game carnage to make any mood brighter, and then offer a 1 on 1 match. Now depending how "hardcore" they game, you will lose, A LOT; but no loss isn't without its prize. You could get that awesome kill that makes them shut-up and quite shit talking, or you may even have friends over who will talk crap to your partner because of your awesomness. Sounds good, doesn't it? Well then, give it a shot. What do you have to lose?

You're probably asking yourself, "where is all this coming from?". Well Let me explain, I hated video games, and never played them until I met my ex (long long past ex, but still an ex), who all he would do was play video game after video game, and would sometimes be late to dates because of video games. So one day, on a at home chill night, he was playing Halo. Want to know what I did? Of course, I punched him first and then asked if I could play. He looked at me all bewildered and confused and then said, "yea wait a minute." Then the video game carnage began (of course it wasn't me doing it, but I was the one that died an exponential amount). Of course he laughed, and poked and proded; but I didn't quit. When he would be at work, I would play online (and die A LOT), but eventually after about a month got a whole lot better. So me being the awesome person I am, challenged him to a 1 on 1 match. Want to know what happened next? I died and lost miserably (thought I won huh?). So I took the shit-talking and kept on. I kept playing for a few weeks more and then he challenged me. That time I won, and all his friends were over, which made it that much more awesome. Boy, he didn't live that down for months, but oddly our relationship improved drastically because "he felt that we could connect on more than a physical level." That was the great part about it, though we split because he cheated, but whatever.

Ladies, it was well worth it, to just try. Now I play video games all the time, and they are the greatest stress reliever! Even my fiancee who had never played video games really now plays with me all the time. What aggravates me now about it is: the ass beats the games (especially the new ones I buy, like assassins creed) before I get to really play. Grrrrr......but in the long run, I wouldn't change anything about it, and even he has said, "I love playing video games with you because I enjoy watching you get frustrated." Now he can't even talk, because he gets more aggravated at dying than I do, and I'm the one laughing now.


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